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Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Kelowna: Bring Your Furry Friend

A happy dog running on a trail with the picturesque Okanagan landscape, featuring a lake and forested mountains in the background.

Embarking on a vacation often means leaving your beloved pets behind, but not in Kelowna. This city is not just a scenic retreat for humans; it's a paradise for your furry companions as well. With an array of pet-friendly vacation rentals, Kelowna opens its doors to travellers who refuse to compromise on the company of their pets.

Overview of Pet-Friendly Accommodations in Kelowna

Kelowna stands out as a destination for pet lovers, boasting 134 pet-friendly vacation rentals. Each property offers unique amenities and policies catering to different needs. While some rentals welcome dogs of all sizes with open paws, others are more suited to smaller breeds. Fees and restrictions vary, but one thing remains constant – the warm, welcoming spirit for pets.

Featured Pet-Friendly Rentals

La Petite - Lower Mission Comforts of Home

Imagine a cozy 2-bedroom house where your small dog can curl up beside you without any extra fee. La Petite offers this comfort, creating a perfect home away from home. However, it's a no-cat zone, so feline friends will need to look elsewhere.

Licensed Suite with Hot Tub Near Summerhill Winery

This 1-bedroom apartment not only welcomes dogs of any size without an additional fee but may also open its doors to cats upon request. The cherry on top? A hot tub to relax in after a day of exploring Kelowna.

Airbnb Rentals in Kelowna

The charm of Airbnb rentals lies in their diversity. Each property in Kelowna comes with its own set of pet policies. If you're looking for a no-fee stay or a place with a spacious yard, the platform has you covered. Just read into the House Rules section for all the pet-related details.

Nearby Pet-Friendly Attractions

Kelowna is a playground for pets, with 18 off-leash dog parks and numerous dog-friendly trails. When you choose to explore the serene paths of Paul's Tomb at Knox Mountain, the bustling Downtown Waterfront, or the scenic Mission Creek Greenway, your dog will thank you. Remember, Kelowna's public parks are pet-friendly too, as long as your furry friend is on a leash.

Evolution of Pet-Friendly Accommodations in Kelowna

The city has seen a significant rise in properties that not only allow pets but cater to their needs. From spacious backyard homes in Rutland to pet-friendly condos with breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake, the city's accommodation options reflect its commitment to being a welcoming place for pets and their owners.


Choosing a pet-friendly rental in Kelowna means embarking on an adventure where your pet is not just an afterthought but a welcomed guest. With its landscapes, friendly accommodations, and myriad of activities for pets, Kelowna stands out as a premier destination for travellers who cherish their furry companions. It's a city where every pet can find a little piece of paradise.