Pouring Perfection: A Tour of Wards Cider

Six cans of Wards Hard Apple Cider displayed on a metallic surface in Kelowna.
Wards Cidery

Embarking on the Journey

Set against the stunning backdrop of glorious Kelowna, among its pristine hills, Wards Cider, part of the award-winning View Winery, is the epitome of pouring perfection. Cherishing the rural traditions of this unique area, this family-run establishment offers a unique blend of hospitality, passion, heritage, and, of course, absolutely delicious cider.

The Spirit of Tradition

Stepping through the rustic gates of Wards Cider, one can experience a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere which takes you back to simpler times. This, combined with the company's intricate understanding of the cider-making process and commitment to quality, offers a wonderfully engaging taste experience. Their commitment to traditional production methods harks back to a pivotal piece of family inheritance - a 1922 apple packing house. This highlights the dedication of the Ward family to maintain traditional practices while infusing their products with innovative flavours.

Orchard's Secret

Part of the charm of Wards Cider is the connection to the land. This winery is home to an orchard brimming with apple trees, the silent heroes behind every bottle of cider. Every year, the trees blossom with beautiful flowers, the first sign of the apple-laden season to come. These apples are carefully harvested and transformed into cider, pouring the natural goodness of Kelowna into each bottle. It's this honest, direct-from-the-source production that imparts every sip with the crisp taste and aroma of real apples.

Experiencing Greatness - The Tasting Room

Wards Cider offers a tasting room with a comprehensive menu of their exceptional ciders. Among these, the star of the show is undoubtedly the "Picker's Hut Premium Craft Cider", a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity, made from carefully selected estate-grown apples. But the delights don't end there. Ambitious palates can experiment with innovative flavours like Cherry and Ginger Apple, each exhibiting a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

More than just Drinks

Wards Cider understands that great experiences are created with more than just a sip of cider. That's why they offer varied and exciting programs, such as their Fall Cider Festival and their regular Art in the Orchard events. These programs create unique moments to enjoy fine cider, companionship, and the stunning surroundings of Kelowna.

Home in Kelowna

Located in delightful Kelowna, the orchards and facilities of Wards Cider offer sublime views of the surrounding landscape. It's not just a cider factory but a peaceful retreat from the busy world outside. An afternoon spent at this tranquil location is a treasure, a delightful memory to cherish.

To conclude, a tour of Wards Cider is more than just a cider experience. There's the natural beauty of the orchard, the historical resonance of the location, the dedicated craftsmanship of the cider-making process, and the joy of tasting some of the best cider in the world.