Rainy Day Activities

A vibrant rainbow over the lush green hills of Penticton under a dramatic, cloudy sky.

Kelowna is known for its sunny climate and vast selection of outdoor activities, however, when the weather turns, the city's diverse indoor attractions offer an equally enthralling experience. From captivating escape rooms to artistic endeavours, Kelowna ensures a memorable time indoors.

A Mystery Enveloped in Fun: Kelowna Escape Games

Escape Room Games have become increasingly popular, and Kelowna's Exit Kelowna is a prime destination for this thrilling activity. Suitable for all ages, Exit Kelowna challenges participants with immersive, themed rooms. Teams must utilize their wits, creativity, and teamwork to unravel puzzles and escape within a time limit. The experience offers a blend of excitement and team-building, perfect for groups seeking an adventurous indoor activity.

Unwind and Create: Paint and Sip Studios

Kelowna's Paint and Sip Studios provide a unique blend of art and leisure. One such experience, Monet Meets Merlot, invites participants to a 2-hour painting workshop. Here, you can create a seasonal masterpiece while savouring a glass of wine. This activity is ideal for those eager to express their creativity in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Whether you're an art novice or enthusiast, these studios offer a delightful and creative way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Engage Your Mind: Rotary Centre for the Arts

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is full of cultural enrichment in Kelowna. It hosts a myriad of events, including documentary screenings, speaker series, and music performances. The Centre serves as a cultural hub, providing locals and tourists with opportunities to engage with various art forms, learn new skills, and enjoy diverse performances. The Centre's dynamic schedule ensures a rich and varied artistic experience for visitors​.

Learn and Play: H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre

The H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre is more than just an indoor pool; it's Canada's largest municipal waterpark. This family-friendly destination includes a variety of water-themed attractions such as waterslides, a wave pool, a FlowRider® surfing area, and lazy river and splash park. Additionally, the Centre boasts a well-equipped gym, child minding services, and various fitness areas. It's a perfect place for families to stay active and entertained, even on the rainiest of days​.

Immerse in Knowledge: Okanagan Heritage Museum

A visit to the Okanagan Heritage Museum offers an enlightening journey through Kelowna's natural and human history. The Museum's exhibits showcase the region's biodiversity, the syilx/Okanagan people's connection to the land, and the history of traders and settlers in the Okanagan Valley. Recent transformations have enriched the Museum's permanent gallery, featuring a traditional Okanagan Winter Home and various insightful displays. It's an ideal destination for those seeking to learn about the region's past, present, and future​.


Rainy days in Kelowna open doors to an array of indoor adventures. From the intellectual challenges of escape rooms to the creative joys of paint and sip studios, the cultural richness of the Rotary Centre, the aquatic fun at the H2O Centre, and the historical explorations at the Okanagan Heritage Museum, there's no shortage of entertainment and learning. Kelowna's indoor attractions ensure that every moment is filled with enjoyment and discovery, making even the rainiest days memorable.