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Revealing Kelowna's Most Scenic Jogging Routes

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Unravelling the Splendours of Kelowna’s Most Scenic Jogging Routes

Amidst the Canadian Rockies and the Okanagan Valley, lies the unique city of Kelowna. Often overlooked in favour of other Canadian hotspots, this spot boasts contrasting terrains that lead to sensational jogging routes filled with stunning beauty at every corner. Offering varying landscapes, from pristine lakes and rolling vineyards to awe-inspiring mountain trails, Kelowna is an undiscovered heaven for running enthusiasts.

Kelowna's Weather: A Runner's Paradise

Before venturing out to explore these trails, let's highlight Kelowna's impeccable weather for running. The city is drenched in sunshine for nearly 2,000 hours each year, which is higher than the Canadian average. With mild winters, warm summers, and pleasant springs and autumns, Kelowna presents the ideal conditions for outdoor activities throughout the year, particularly jogging.

Trail Running: Mission Creek Greenway

The Mission Creek Greenway is one of Kelowna's finest for trail running. Stretching around 16.5 km, the Greenway offers joggers a chance to escape from urban life as they traverse through different ecosystems ranging from wetlands, riparian woodlands, and Cottonwood forests. The path, often shaded and flat, is dotted with picnic spots, benches, and interpretive signage, making the trail inviting for both beginners and professional joggers.

Lakefront Running: Waterfront Park

For those who cherish running alongside water and open spaces, Waterfront Park is a must-visit. This route stretches along the Okanagan Lake, giving runners a visually novel experience with sunlit, shimmering waters and occasional sightings of local wildlife. The course encompasses a boardwalk and meandering paths that pass through verdant gardens and picnic spots.

Vineyard Running: Mission Hill Road

Winding through a region known for its vineyards, Mission Hill Road offers a uniquely Kelowna jogging experience. As you jog on this road enveloped by vineyards, you will witness spectacular views of vine rows, wineries, and the tranquil Okanagan Lake. The arduous route includes some steep sections that will challenge your stamina, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a difficult yet captivating run.

Urban Running: Downtown Kelowna

Urban runners will find downtown Kelowna to be a delightful space for jogging. Home to Heritage Park, Rhapsody Plaza, beach and lake views, this area is perfect for quick, casual runs. The route provides breathtaking views of the city's skyline, backed by mountains and the gleaming waters of Okanagan Lake. Makes sure to take a moment to admire the fantastic urban street art installations along the way.

Challenging Trail: Knox Mountain Drive

Advanced runners seeking a challenging route will find Knox Mountain Drive a rewarding trail. This steep 5 km mountain path tests your endurance while gratifying you with fantastic views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake from the top. Make sure to keep an eye out for the local fauna, including deer, birds, and even the occasional bear.

Stunning Views: Paul's Tomb

Finally, we can't forget Paul's Tomb. This 5-km trail on Knox Mountain leads runners to an overlooked beach known as Paul's Tomb. This trail is renowned for showing off some of Kelowna's finest scenery, from panoramic lake views to an array of indigenous flora and fauna. Be sure to take a breather at the endpoint overlooking Okanagan Lake, the ideal spot to relax and refuel.


Kelowna, with its diverse landscapes and climatic advantages, offers a wealth of scenic jogging routes to explore. The city's pairing of natural beauty and a runner-friendly climate creates an unrivalled jogging paradise.