Winter Activities

Sleigh Rides and Winter Charm: Experiencing Traditional Winter Activities

A horse pulls a red sleigh with people through a snowy landscape during winter.


As winter's embrace envelops the city, Kelowna transforms into a canvas of snowy enchantment, inviting visitors to get into a realm of traditional winter activities. Here, the essence of the season comes alive, offering a blend of nostalgic charm and modern-day excitement.

Sleigh Rides in Kelowna

In winter, Kelowna’s sleigh rides present a picture-perfect opportunity to experience the season's magic. Ottercrest Farms and Horse Drawn Okanagan in Armstrong offer an idyllic setting from December 21st to 29th, excluding Christmas Day. Families can indulge in the festive spirit with sleigh bells, hot cocoa, and caroling around the fire.

Not far away, the Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong merges the arts with the outdoors, showcasing a live performance of The Nutcracker. Guests are transported from scene to scene on a winter sleigh ride, immersed in an 80-acre theatrical wonderland.

Other Winter Activities in Kelowna

For those seeking to lace up their skates, Stuart Park and City Park feature outdoor rinks that are perfect for family outings. The smooth ice, surrounded by the winter landscape, offers a quintessential Canadian experience. Further up the mountain, Big White and Silverstar Mountain Resorts beckon winter sports enthusiasts. Known for their powdery snow and diverse runs, these resorts are perfect for skiers and snowboarders, offering everything from beginner slopes to challenging terrains.

The Kelowna 3 Hour Walking Food Tour is a must for culinary explorers. Starting at the Laurel Packinghouse and weaving through the cultural district and lakeshore, this tour tantalizes taste buds with local delights and shares the rich stories of Kelowna's food scene. For those preferring a more serene winter activity, cross-country skiing at the Telemark Nordic Club or snowshoeing in the Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park offers a chance to traverse peaceful trails and observe local wildlife.


Kelowna, in its winter garb, is a wonderland of experiences, from the traditional charm of sleigh rides to the exhilaration of winter sports and the warmth of local culture and cuisine. Whether you're gliding through snowy trails on a sleigh or savouring the flavours of Kelowna's culinary scene, the city's winter offerings are sure to enchant and leave lasting memories.