Spa Cuisine: Healthy Eating at Kelowna's Wellness Centres

In Kelowna, a new trend is blossoming where wellness meets gastronomy. Let's look at the unique fusion of spa culture with healthy eating, showcasing how Kelowna's wellness centres are not just about relaxation and rejuvenation, but also about nourishing the body with carefully crafted cuisine.

The Intersection of Spa and Cuisine

Spa cuisine in Kelowna is an experience that transcends the traditional spa services. It’s a holistic approach, intertwining the nurturing of the body through spa treatments with the nourishment of healthy, locally-sourced food. Spas in Kelowna are increasingly recognizing the vital role that nutrition plays in overall wellness, integrating it seamlessly into their offerings.

Highlighted Kelowna Spas

  • Room + Pillar Spa: Kelowna's first Himalayan salt cave offers a serene experience, where the focus extends beyond relaxation to encompass overall well-being, including dietary needs​. Relax, meditate and breathe in the healing salt air while listening to meditative music and being surrounded by floor to ceiling Himalayan salt.
  • The Cove Lakeside Resort's Spa & Beyond Wrapture at Coast Capri Hotel: These spas provide luxurious treatments accompanied by dining options that emphasize health and nutrition, completing a holistic wellness experience​.

Local Healthy Cuisine Options in Kelowna

For those seeking healthy dining outside spa settings, Kelowna boasts a range of restaurants catering to nutritious and wholesome eating:

  • Summerhill Pyramid Bistro: Known for its “fresh, local, organic” menu, this bistro offers stunning views and a variety of plant-based options like vegan calamari made from fried oyster mushrooms.
  • Frankie We Salute You!: A restaurant that changes its menu seasonally and is famous for its sweet corn queso, offering a fresh perspective on healthy dining​.


Kelowna's spas and wellness centres are at the forefront of a movement that blends relaxation and healthy living. Through a combination of therapeutic spa treatments and nutritious cuisine, you can have a complete wellness package that caters to both the body and the soul.