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The Best of Kelowna’s Winter Theatre and Performances

Kelowna's winter theatres offer a diverse range of performances that cater to all tastes. From groundbreaking international festivals to classic ballets and innovative operas, the city's cultural landscape comes alive in the winter months, showcasing the best in local and international talent.

The Nutcracker by the Canadian School of Ballet

A perennial favourite, The Nutcracker, presented by the Canadian School of Ballet, returns to enchant audiences. This year's 32nd Anniversary Performance, occurring on December 8–10, includes guest performances by Ballet Kelowna. The timeless story, breathtaking dance, and classic music continue to capture the hearts of families each winter, making it a must-see event during the holiday season.

Kelowna Actors Studio and Dinner Theatre

The Kelowna Actors Studio and Dinner Theatre add a dash of drama and excitement to the winter season with a lineup of captivating shows. This winter, audiences can experience the magic of "The Wizard of Oz," running from late November to mid-December. The new year brings a selection of engaging performances, including "Tootsie," "Matilda Jr.," "Footloose," and "Goosebumps," ensuring that the theatrical vibrancy continues well into the winter months.

Opera Kelowna’s Winter Studio Production

Opera Kelowna brings the grandeur of opera to the winter season. Renowned for presenting well-known operatic traditions in an accessible and innovative way, this winter, Opera Kelowna showcases "Wreckconcilation." Three indigenous artists take on an important topic in a loving way. It's an art show, talk show, and concert. This production promises to be a blend of exceptional talent and creative presentation, offering a unique operatic experience in Kelowna.

Special Performances at Kelowna Community Theatre

Kelowna Community Theatre is a hub for diverse performances throughout the winter. Ballet Kelowna's "Mustard" promises an evening of graceful and dynamic dance. For those seeking a mix of music and theater, the theatre hosts "Oh What a Night!" and concerts by The Beaches. Adding to the festive spirit is the "God is a Scottish Drag Queen Christmas Show," a unique blend of comedy and holiday cheer. The Okanagan Symphony Orchestra's "Yuletide Ukulele" is another highlight, featuring renowned musicians in a festive performance.

Rotary Centre for the Arts

The Christmas season brings many themed events to the Rotary Centre for the Arts. "Mountains on Stage" is a film festival that aims to bring the mountains into cities with a selection of the world's best films related to mountain sports. Kelowna’s longest running organization, Kelowna City Concert Band: Christmas Concert, made up of around 70 local musicians, performs some old favourites and maybe some lesser known pieces, all with a festive theme and sure to put you in the mood to celebrate the holidays. "Cod Gone Wild"at the Mary Irwin Theatre is an energetic, modern Celtic band which put on a special performance of their Neighbourhood Rounds Christmas Tour.

Living Things International Arts Festival

A highlight of Kelowna's winter arts calendar is the Living Things International Arts Festival. Held annually from mid-January to early February, this festival brings to the stage an exhilarating mix of theatre, art, and performances. Audiences are treated to a spectacle of live theatre, performance art, dance, and music.

Unique Performances

This winter, Kelowna boasts some unique and must-see performances. "The Nutcracker," created by Cirque du Soleil artist Manon Beaudoin, offers a fresh take on Ernst T.A. Hoffmann’s holiday classic. Additionally, "O Christmas Tea: A British Comedy" is a delightful blend of British humour and whimsy, perfect for fans of Monty Python and Mr. Bean.


Kelowna's winter theatre and performance scene is a reflection of the city's commitment to arts and culture. With a variety of shows spanning different genres and styles, there is something to captivate and enchant every visitor. The winter months offer an excellent opportunity to explore and support the rich cultural fabric of Kelowna.