The Chef’s Table: Exclusive Dining Experiences in Kelowna

A bowl of green soup with toppings on a table next to a menu from Terrace Restaurant Okanagan Valley.
Mission Hill Family Estate Winery


Kelowna has a lot to offer culinary adventurers. The city’s dining scene presents a mosaic of flavours, where the concept of a chef’s table transforms a regular meal into an immersive journey. This article highlights Kelowna's exclusive dining experiences, offering a glimpse into the kitchens where chefs become maestros and meals turn into symphonies.

Upscale Restaurant Experiences

Krafty Kitchen + Bar

At Krafty Kitchen + Bar, the chef's table experience is a celebration of Canadian culinary finesse. Here, the 5-course Krafty Classic Menu and the Seasonal Chef’s Menu stand as testaments to the dynamic and evolving Canadian cuisine. The Classic Menu, a compilation of the restaurant's most iconic dishes, offers a progressive meal for $105. The Seasonal Chef’s Menu, priced at $75, is a five-course journey curated by Chef Alex, featuring local and seasonal ingredients, encapsulating the essence of Canadian gastronomy. You can also add the Beverage Pairing for $55.

The Restaurant at Mission Hill Family Estate

The Restaurant at Mission Hill Family Estate crafts an experience that harmoniously blends fine dining with the art of winemaking. The three-course, wine-paired dinner, served family-style for $85 per person, is a luxurious affair featuring the finest local ingredients with a French culinary twist. For a daytime indulgence, the two-course wine-paired lunch at $60 per person highlights local cuisine, accentuated by the estate’s award-winning wines. The Terrace and Legacy Tasting Menus offer a multi-course culinary journey, each course meticulously paired with a curated flight of wines.

Old Vines Restaurant at Quails’ Gate

Old Vines Restaurant, in the picturesque Quails' Gate winery, is a destination for those who seek a wine-led, contemporary dining experience. Celebrating local farms and suppliers, the restaurant offers a 4-course menu for special occasions seasonally. This seasonal offering is an ode to the freshest local ingredients, crafted into dishes that sing the praises of British Columbia’s abundant produce.

Other Notable Fine Dining Restaurants in Kelowna

Kelowna's culinary landscape is dotted with a variety of fine dining establishments, each bringing its unique flavour to the table.

  • Waterfront Wines Restaurant & Bar: A contemporary setting with a wine bar ambiance.
  • Bouchons Bistro: An elegant French bistro, Bouchons has been a staple in Kelowna’s cultural district since 2004. Traditional French cuisine is served in a casual yet elegant setting, with dishes crafted from local farm produce. Their special dinners, such as the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners, are particularly noteworthy, offering a multi-course experience at $95 and $115 per person respectively.
  • La Bussola Restaurant: A culinary trip to Italy with its authentic Italian offerings.
  • Home Block at CedarCreek Estate Winery: Contemporary cuisine with a wine bar twist.
  • Humo Izakaya: Latin and Spanish flavours come alive in this vibrant setting.
  • Erica Jane Restaurant: A Canadian culinary experience in an elegant setting.
  • Kasai Teppanyaki Steak & Sushi House: A fusion of Japanese and sushi specialties.
  • Maestro's Mediterranean Restaurant And Terrace: A Mediterranean escape located in the Manteo at Eldorado Resort.

Kelowna's chef’s table experiences offer more than just meals; they are an expedition into the soul of cooking. Each restaurant tells its own story, inviting diners to partake in a culinary narrative that is as diverse as it is delightful. Whether it's the local flavours, the international inspirations, or the intimate interaction with the chefs, Kelowna's dining scene is a treasure for those seeking extraordinary gastronomic experiences.