Vodka Varieties: Kelowna's Take on a Classic Spirit

a bottle of Rebbel vodka on a white background with a black cap and a white horse on the top of the bottle.
Forbidden Spirits Distilling Corp.

Kelowna distilleries are redefining vodka, infusing traditional methods with innovative local twists. From the use of indigenous ingredients to the application of cutting-edge distillation techniques, Kelowna's vodka varieties demonstrate the city's creative spirit and dedication to quality.

Okanagan Spirits

Okanagan Spirits stands is a pillar of quality and craftsmanship in the Canadian distillery landscape. Their commitment to using 100% locally sourced grains and fruits has not only set them apart but also imbued their spirits with a distinct character that is unmistakably Kelowna. Visitors to Okanagan Spirits are treated to an enlightening journey through the distillation process, with guides weaving tales of local history into their narrative. The experience is a tasting into the soul of Kelowna's spirit-making traditions.

Forbidden Spirits

Within Kelowna's landscape, Forbidden Spirits is a distillery that captivates both the eye and the palate. Here, the bounty of apple orchards is transformed into exquisite spirits, with their flagship product, Rebel Vodka, standing as a proud demonstration their innovation. Distilled an impressive 25 times, this vodka exudes a crisp, clean flavour that encapsulates the essence of fresh apples—a flavour that is as unique as it is refreshing.

Indigenous World Spirits

Indigenous World Spirits stands as a cultural bridge, marrying traditional indigenous knowledge with modern distillation techniques. Their spirits are not just beverages but narratives in a bottle, telling stories of indigenous traditions and their connection to the land. The Indigenous World Spirit Vodka, with its nuanced flavours of cacao, nuts, grape, and peach, is a celebration of this rich heritage—a bronze medalist at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, no less.

Urban Distilleries + Winery

Urban Distilleries, one of British Columbia's pioneering craft distilleries, has been a frontrunner in the Kelowna spirits scene. With a portfolio that includes uniquely flavoured vodkas such as lavender and apple vodkas, Espresso Vodka, and other naturally infused varieties, they offer a tasting experience that is as diverse as it is delightful. One very unique flavour is their dill pickle vodka, which may sound odd at first but is definitely worth giving a try! Each batch, crafted in artisan copper stills and using the finest local ingredients, speaks volumes of the distillery's dedication to quality and innovation.

The Dubh Glas Distillery

Just a short drive south of Kelowna, The Dubh Glas Distillery is making waves in the South Okanagan Distillery Trail. Known for their meticulous attention to the craft, they offer a range of spirits that are both traditional and innovative. While their focus includes noteworthy gin and Virgin Spirits, the distillery also offers an array of vodkas that are worth exploring for any spirit enthusiast.

Kettle River Brewing Co.

Blurring the lines between brewing and distillation, Kettle River Brewing Co. stands out with its unique approach. While primarily a microbrewery, their foray into spirit production showcases their versatility and creativity. The distillery crafts spirits from its beer products, offering a unique flavour profile that is both intriguing and inviting to those looking for something different in their vodka.


Kelowna's vodka scene is a blend of tradition, innovation, and local flavour. Each distillery brings its own unique approach to this classic spirit, offering an array of tastes and experiences that are as diverse as the landscape of British Columbia itself. For connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike, a visit to these distilleries is not just a tasting journey but also Kelowna's spirited creativity.