Winter Activities

Winter Wonderland: Exploring Kelowna's Best Snowshoeing Trails

Vintage wooden snowshoes leaning against a wooden fence covered in snow in a winter landscape.

As the snow blankets the city, transforming Kelowna into a serene, winter paradise, the call of the outdoors becomes irresistible. Snowshoeing, an activity that harmoniously blends peacefulness with physical exertion, offers an idyllic way to explore this transformed landscape. From scenic trails in provincial parks to ones near bustling ski resorts, Kelowna's snowshoeing trails beckon adventurers of all skill levels to embark on a journey through its winter wonderland.

Snowshoeing Basics

Snowshoeing in Kelowna is an activity that welcomes everyone. Whether you're a family looking for a leisurely day out, an avid adventurer seeking a new challenge, or a fitness enthusiast eager to explore winter trails, snowshoeing caters to all. The beauty of this sport lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Standard winter boots are all you need for your feet, as snowshoe bindings are designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes. Dressing in layers is key – a base layer, mid layer, and a ski jacket-type coat should suffice. Don’t forget your warm hat and gloves! As for snowshoes, various types are available, each suited to different terrains and preferences. And while the use of poles is a personal choice, they can provide additional stability and support on the trails.

Top Snowshoeing Trails in Kelowna

Myra Canyon

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, a short drive from downtown, offers an enchanting experience with its 155 km of trails. The park is home to the famed Myra Canyon, where the historic Kettle Valley Railway trail winds through two tunnels and over trestles. The trail is about 12 km one-way with a gentle 2% grade, making it an easy and scenic route for snowshoers.

Kelowna Nordic Ski & Snowshoe Club

Just past the Big White Ski Resort turnoff, 50 minutes from downtown, lies a snowshoer’s dream with 65 km of well-groomed trails. Offering panoramic views and several cozy cabins along the route, this club provides a scenic setting for a day of snowshoeing. Dog lovers will be pleased to know their furry friends are welcome on the trails.

Telemark Nordic Club

Located in West Kelowna, Telemark boasts about 60 km of trails with varying difficulties, making it a perfect destination for snowshoers at any skill level. Bring your dog along, but keep to the 7 km K9 trail if you do. The club also provides rental options for those without their own gear.

Big White Ski Resort

An hour's drive from downtown, Big White is renowned for its ski slopes, but its snowshoe trails are a hidden treasure. Roughly 10 km of trails meander through tranquil forests, with guided tours available for beginners. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on-leash.

Baldy Mountain Resort

Near Oliver, and known as the Okanagan’s smallest ski resort, Baldy Mountain boasts 5 km of exclusive snowshoe trails catering to all levels. Here, you can enjoy the resort atmosphere without the usual crowds.

Other Notable Trails

Kelowna and its surrounding areas are dotted with numerous trails. BX Creek Falls near Vernon offers a moderate 6.5 km trek leading to a stunning frozen waterfall. Kalamalka Provincial Park, also in Vernon, provides over 30 km of diverse trails. Mission Creek Greenway Regional Park in Kelowna features a 16.5 km trail with varying difficulties. Myra Canyon Trestles, Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park, Peachland Lookout, Predator Ridge, and Spion Kop are other noteworthy trails offering unique snowshoeing experiences.

Preparing for Your Snowshoe Adventure

Choosing the right trail depends on your skill level and what you want to see. Whether you're after panoramic views, historic sites, or a peaceful forest walk, there's a trail in Kelowna that will meet your expectations. Before heading out, it's crucial to check the weather and trail conditions, especially if venturing into backcountry areas where conditions can change rapidly.


Kelowna's diverse range of snowshoeing trails offers something for everyone, from tranquil forest walks to adventurous treks through historic sites. With trails suitable for all skill levels and breathtaking views at every turn, exploring Kelowna's winter wonderland by snowshoe is an experience not to be missed. So, strap on your snowshoes, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Kelowna's winter landscape.