Cidery Listings

A house in the middle of a forest with a picnic table and a barrel in the foreground at Soma Craft Cidery in Kelowna.
Soma Craft Cidery

4485 Sallows Road Kelowna, BC V1W 4C2 Canada

a tree filled with lots of green apples on top of a leaf-covered tree branch with lots of green apples hanging from its branches
Upside Cider

2555 Gale Road Kelowna, BC V1V 2K2 Canada

a wooden building with a door open and a ramp in front of the door and a ramp leading to the back of the building
Scenic Road Cider Co.

770 Packinghouse Road Kelowna, BC V1V 2E1 Canada

Wards Cidery sign with Authentic Okanagan, Family Owned, and Hand Crafted in Kelowna.
Wards Cider

1 - 2287 Ward Road Kelowna, BC V1W 4R5 Canada

Interior of BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. in Kelowna with a white wooden shelf holding various growlers and bottles, a counter with taps, and wooden chairs and tables for seating.
BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.

826 Vaughan Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7E4 Canada