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A Guide to Kelowna’s Best Bouldering Challenges

Ice climbing at Big White Ski Resort
Ben Giesbrecht


Within the scenic landscapes of Kelowna, the thrill of bouldering beckons adventurers and climbing enthusiasts alike. From the rugged Boulderfields near the city to the high-altitude ice challenge of Big White Ski Resort, Kelowna offers a diverse array of bouldering experiences. For seasoned climbers and beginners alike, these locations promise exhilarating climbs set against British Columbia's breathtaking backdrops.

Boulderfields: A Climber's Dream

Just outside from the urban pulse of Kelowna, the Boulderfields climbing area emerges as a popular destination for climbers of all skill levels. This spot is renowned for its extensive array of over 138 sport routes, encompassing a wide spectrum of difficulty levels. Here, both beginners and experienced climbers can find challenges suited to their abilities. The Boulderfields stand out for their lengthy sport climbs, offering climbers the unique opportunity to test their endurance and skill on routes that demand both physical and mental prowess.

The terrain here is varied, providing climbers with an array of experiences from sheer vertical ascents to complex, overhanging challenges. The natural setting of the Boulderfields, surrounded by Kelowna's gorgeous landscapes, adds an extra layer of allure to each climb. As climbers navigate these routes, they're rewarded not only with the satisfaction of a climb well-done but also with stunning views of the surrounding terrain.

Big White Ski Resort: Ice Tower

Big White Mountain, although primarily known for its Ski Resort, this mountain offers an unexpected but thrilling climbing experience. The resort's high-altitude winter weather creates a stunning 60-foot-tall ice tower to climb.

Although it may look daunting, this ice tower is scalable for all skill levels with many children successfully completing the climb. For only $25 to rent thousands of dollars' worth of equipment, you can participate in this once-in-a-lifetime ice tower climb at Big White Ski Resort.

KLO Creek: A Blend of Climbing and Nature

Situated on the outskirts of Kelowna, KLO Creek at Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park is perfect for climbing enthusiasts. The park offers a mix of established routes and uncharted terrain, inviting climbers to either follow in the footsteps of others or carve their own path. The granite boulders here present a diverse range of problems, from straightforward climbs to more complex routes that challenge climbers to think creatively.

Apart from the climbing experience, Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park is also a hub for other outdoor activities. Trails shared with mountain bikers, hikers, runners, and horse riders weave through the park, highlighting the area's multipurpose nature. Climbers can enjoy the unique experience of bouldering amidst an outdoor community, where the thrill of climbing coexists harmoniously with the beauty of the park's natural landscapes.

Climbing Season in Kelowna

The prime time for bouldering in Kelowna typically spans from late April through October. However, climbers can sometimes find suitable conditions beyond these months, particularly in years with milder winters. During the summer, climbers are advised to embark on their ascents early in the day or in the cooler evening hours to avoid the midday heat. This approach not only makes for more comfortable climbing conditions but also allows climbers to fully appreciate the beauty of Kelowna's natural landscapes in softer light.

Kelowna's Climbing Community and Resources

Kelowna boasts a thriving climbing community, supported by organizations like the Okanagan Bouldering Society. These groups play a crucial role in maintaining and developing the region's climbing areas, ensuring that climbers have access to safe and well-managed routes. For those new to the sport or seeking extra practice, the local climbing gym, Beyond the Crux, offers a welcoming starting point. It's a place where novices and seasoned climbers alike can gather, share tips, and prepare for their outdoor adventures.


Kelowna's bouldering scene is an active community where climbers can connect, challenge themselves, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia. Kelowna's boulder fields offer an unforgettable climbing experience available for all different skill levels.