Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Rock Climbing Around Kelowna

An indoor climbing gym with climbing walls, ropes, and equipment on the walls and floor.
Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym


Kelowna's landscape, with its rugged cliffs and scenic valleys, is a climber's paradise, offering an array of experiences from bouldering to sport climbing. Let's review Kelowna's climbing scene, explore popular spots with essential tips for beginners, and the community that makes climbing here a unique adventure.

Popular Climbing Locations in Kelowna

Kelowna is blessed with a variety of climbing spots, each offering its own unique challenges and beauty. Boulderfield is perfect for bouldering enthusiasts, where climbers can test their skills on natural rock formations. Cedar Park provides a range of routes, catering to both novices and veterans. For those seeking a mix of waterfalls and climbs, Christie Falls offers a stunning backdrop. KLO Creek is perfect for climbers who enjoy serene environments. Lonely Crags and Mt. Boucherie present more secluded, challenging climbs, rewarding climbers with breathtaking views at the summit.

Guidebooks and Resources

For an in-depth exploration, the "Kelowna Rock Climbing" and "Okanagan Bouldering" guidebooks are invaluable. These books offer detailed maps, photographs, topographies, and route descriptions for over 400 climbs in 7 distinct regions. They are essential tools for anyone looking to navigate the rich climbing landscape of Kelowna and its surroundings.

Tips for Beginners

Safety is paramount in rock climbing. Beginners should invest in essential gear like a helmet, harness, and climbing shoes. It’s equally important to climb with a partner and maintain effective communication. Beginners are encouraged to ask questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. Starting with easier climbs and gradually moving to more challenging routes is advisable, as it helps in building confidence and skill. Double-checking equipment before a climb can never be overstated, as it ensures safety and prevents accidents.

Equipment Rental and Climbing Gyms

For those without equipment, Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym in Kelowna offers a full range of rentals for indoor climbing. This gym caters to all skill levels and features top rope, and lead climbing, along with a training area and fitness gym. It’s a great starting point for beginners and a popular spot for seasoned climbers to practice and improve their skills.

Climbing Etiquette and Conservation

Climbers in Kelowna are urged to adhere to the rules of Provincial Parks and respect the land. This includes staying on established trails, keeping pets on-leash, practicing leave-no-trace principles, and abiding by fire regulations. Respecting these rules ensures that these beautiful climbing spots remain accessible and preserved for future climbers.

Community and Support

The Central Okanagan Climbing Association (COCA) and the Okanagan Bouldering Society (OBS) play pivotal roles in supporting the climbing community. They provide information, organize events, and foster a culture of safety and respect. Climbers can join courses and group activities to learn and connect with fellow enthusiasts.


Kelowna's climbing scene offers something for everyone, from the beginner taking their first step on a boulder to the expert conquering challenging multi-pitch routes. The combination of stunning natural beauty, a supportive community, and a wealth of resources makes climbing in Kelowna an experience not to be missed.