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Indoor Climbing Gyms in Kelowna

a couple of men standing next to each other near a wall covered in fake rocks and climbing gear and climbing equipment
Gneiss Climbing


Indoor climbing in Kelowna is a journey of personal growth, community connection, and exhilarating challenge. With a range of gyms catering to climbers of all levels, Kelowna is rapidly becoming a hub for those who wish to scale new heights in a safe and exciting environment.

Gneiss Climbing: A Modern Boulderer’s Paradise

Gneiss Climbing stands out with its open-concept layout and modern minimalist design. The gym offers an impressive variety of terrain, from gentle slabs to demanding steep routes. Here, both beginners and pros can find their challenge, thanks to the diverse range of holds and volumes. The facility is a community hub designed to foster social interactions among climbers.

What sets Gneiss apart is its focus on bouldering, complemented by top-notch training facilities. The gym boasts a comprehensive set of training tools like campus walls, hangboards, and free weights, catering to those who take their fitness seriously. Additionally, the separate kids' area, equipped with auto belays and speed climbing tracks, ensures that younger climbers have a space to learn and enjoy.

Beyond the Crux: Kelowna’s Climbing Cornerstone

Beyond the Crux is known as Kelowna's original indoor climbing gym. This gym offers a well-rounded climbing experience with facilities for bouldering, top-rope, and lead climbing. It's a place where no experience is necessary, but the opportunities to grow and challenge oneself are endless.

The gym operates from 12 pm to 10 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 10 pm on weekends, making it accessible for climbers with varying schedules. With a range of programs from kids camps to lead climbing courses, there's something for everyone. Their group programs and drop-in rates make it easy for anyone to start their climbing journey.

EnergyPlex: A Climber’s Playground

EnergyPlex offers a unique blend of climbing and play, emphasizing family-friendly fun. This facility is a paradise for those who love variety. The climbing wall is just one part of this multi-activity centre. From trampolines and foam pits to obstacle challenges, EnergyPlex provides a fun and energetic environment for climbers and non-climbers alike.

The versatility of this gym makes it an ideal spot for families and groups seeking a fun day out. The combination of climbing with other activities like laser tag and an indoor aerial park means there's never a dull moment at EnergyPlex. This gym stands out as a place where climbing meets fun and adventure.


Kelowna's indoor climbing gyms offer a diverse range of experiences, from traditional climbing walls to innovative multi-activity centres. Each gym has its unique charm, catering to different preferences and skill levels. So, lace up your climbing shoes, chalk up your hands, and embark on an adventure that’s both physically rewarding and socially enriching in Kelowna’s climbing scene.