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A Guide to the City's Best Gyms and Fitness Studios

A gym filled with lots of machines and people doing different things in the room with red and white chairs.
Global Fitness & Racquet Centre


Kelowna harbours an amazing range of top-notch fitness centres and studios. Given its active community, fitness plays an integral part of life in Kelowna.

An Tour to Fitness Studios

Let's embark on a tour, alphabetically, to explore some of the best fitness centres Kelowna has to offer.

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is a powerhouse of wellness catering to diverse fitness needs. The facility focuses on yoga-infused fitness, incorporating elements from traditional yoga sessions, modern fitness measures and infrared heat technology. This gym is the perfect location for those looking to transcend typical gym environments.

PureGym & Juicery

In the Pulse Arena of Kelowna, you will find PureGym & Juicery, known for its high-quality gym equipment and organic, cold-pressed juices. It combines nutrition and fitness. The stunning view of the mountains and lake from the gym adds an extra sprinkle to the overall experience.

Global Fitness Centre

The Global Fitness Centre justifies its name by offering a broad range of fitness programs and facilities spanning 50000 square feet. It includes group classes, squash courts, a cycling room, and a heated pool. You get personal trainers to guide you on the path of physical wellness.

Body and Soul Health and Fitness

Body and Soul Health and Fitness in Kelowna is your solution to comprehensive fitness programs like Kickboxing, Zumba, and Pilates. Even those with a hostile relationship with fitness would benefit from their riveting approach to workouts.

A Glimpse into Fitness Community Activities

Kelowna also presents a thriving outdoor fitness culture. The city's biking and hiking trails, parks, ski hills and beaches offer countless opportunities for outdoor workout enthusiasts.

Kelowna Running Club

There is this welcoming community of runners, The Kelowna Running Club. No matter what your fitness level is, getting involved with the group can fill you with motivation and camaraderie. The beauty of BC awaits to be explored on foot.

Future of Fitness in Kelowna

Fitness in Kelowna is not stationary. As the consciousness and concern about fitness and health grow, the city is anticipated to witness more innovative fitness studios and programs. The growth of fitness technology is sprinkling new dimensions into Kelowna's fitness portfolio. Fusion classes combining different modes of workout are highly in demand. We can expect further expansion and advancements in the city's fitness culture.

Fitness aficionados can find their paradise in Kelowna with its eclectic blend of fitness studios and gyms. Visiting these fitness facilities and becoming a part of the active community in the city can upgrade your fitness journey to a whole new level. So pack your essentials and set your fitness goals because Kelowna is beckoning.