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A Seasonal Guide to Climbing Kelowna's Crags

A person with a backpack overlooking the cityscape and mountainous landscape of Kelowna under a clear blue sky.


Climbing the crags of Kelowna is an adventure and exploration of nature's artistry with different seasonal-based beauties. The city's rugged landscape, with its diverse rock formations, offers a rock climbing experience that is as varied as it is thrilling. From the serene lakes to the towering mountains, Kelowna's outdoor canvas invites climbers of all abilities to discover its vertical treasures.

Seasonal Guide to Rock Climbing in Kelowna

Spring (March-May)

As the snow melts and the landscape reawakens, spring in Kelowna heralds the start of the climbing season. The conditions are nearly perfect - the air is crisp, and the rock dry, providing an ideal grip for climbers. During this time, areas like Skaha Bluffs and Cedar Park come alive with climbers eager to test their skills on the diverse routes. Spring's mild temperatures and longer daylight hours make it a favourite among both local and visiting climbers.

Summer (June-Early September)

Summer transforms the climbing experience in Kelowna. The warm and dry weather beckons climbers to start their ascent early in the morning or wait for the cooler evenings to avoid the midday heat. Despite the heat, the Boulderfields, a short drive from the city, remains a popular summer climbing destination.

Fall (September-Early November)

As the heat subsides, fall presents another prime climbing season in Kelowna. The cooler weather, combined with the stunning autumnal scenery, creates an ideal backdrop for climbing adventures. KLO Creek at Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, on the city's outskirts, becomes a sought-after spot for both seasoned climbers and those looking to explore new routes on its granite boulders.

Winter (Mid-November to Early March)

While winter in Kelowna is typically known for skiing, it also offers unique climbing opportunities, especially during mild winters when the season extends beyond its usual timeline. However, climbers should be prepared for colder conditions and shorter days, which might limit their climbing hours. There are also unique winter opportunities like climbing a 60-foot ice tower at Big White Ski Resort!

Safety and Conservation

Climbing in Kelowna is not only about the thrill and the challenge; it's also about respecting the environment and ensuring safety. Climbers are advised to be well-equipped and to respect all park rules and closed projects. By adhering to these guidelines and the advice of local climbing organizations, climbers help preserve these natural areas for future generations.


Kelowna's crags offer an ever-changing climbing landscape, inviting climbers to experience the beauty and challenges of each season. Kelowna's climbing community and the variety of routes ensure an unforgettable climbing adventure. Remember to respect the natural beauty and guidelines to ensure that these climbing spots remain open and accessible for all to enjoy.