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Women on the Rocks: Highlighting Female Climbing in Kelowna

A rock climber rappels from the route Plumb Line on The Fortress with a view of Skaha Lake near Penticton
Kari Medig


Kelowna's rugged and diverse landscapes have become must visits for climbers, including women, who are carving out a space in this exhilarating sport. From the challenging crags to the supportive community, female climbers in Kelowna are scaling rocks and breaking barriers.

Kelowna's Climbing Venues: A Playground for Aspiring and Expert Climbers

In Kelowna, the options for climbing are as varied as the landscapes themselves. The city is adorned with numerous climbing spots that cater to all levels of expertise, from bouldering to multi-pitch climbs. These terrains offer an excellent opportunity for female climbers to hone their skills, challenge themselves, and enjoy the sport in the stunning backdrop of Kelowna's natural beauty.

The local guidebooks, "Kelowna Rock Climbing" and "Okanagan Bouldering," are invaluable resources for climbers. They provide detailed insights into the best spots, the nature of the climbs, and essential safety information. These guidebooks are your gateway to Kelowna’s climbing scene, no matter how experienced you already are.

Rock the Blocs: A Celebration of Climbing in Kelowna

One of the highlights in Kelowna's climbing calendar is the annual "Rock the Blocs" festival, hosted by the Okanagan Bouldering Society. At the Boulderfields, this event is a celebration of the climbing community. It features Canada's largest outdoor bouldering competition, attracting climbers of all skill levels.

The festival goes beyond the competition. It encompasses teaching sessions, fun games, and unique challenges that create a lively and welcoming atmosphere. They have categories of Beginner, Intermediate, Open, and Masters for both men and women, as well as a category for kids. One of the standout events is the "Queer Intro to Bouldering," hosted by Queer Climbing Kelowna, which exemplifies the inclusive spirit of the Kelowna climbing community. This event, while being a significant fundraiser for the society, also emphasizes the importance of maintaining the pristine condition of the climbing areas.

Empowering Women in the Climbing Community

The climbing scene in Kelowna is witnessing a transformative change with the increasing involvement of women. Female climbers are not only participating but also leading initiatives, shaping the sport in the region. This shift is evident in various aspects of the sport, from route setting to forming supportive networks. Women climbers in Kelowna and beyond are redefining what it means to be part of this exhilarating sport. They are creating spaces where female climbers can learn, grow, and challenge themselves in a supportive and empowering environment.


Kelowna's climbing scene is a community where women are at the forefront, pushing boundaries and scaling new heights. As we continue to explore and highlight these inspiring stories, Kelowna stands out for female empowerment in the world of climbing.