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Advanced Asanas: Where to Find Challenging Yoga Classes in Kelowna

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Kelowna Yoga House

Kelowna's yoga scene offers a variety of experiences, particularly for those who have journeyed beyond the basics and are seeking to deepen their practice with advanced asanas and techniques. In this article, we explore the studios and instructors in Kelowna that cater to experienced practitioners, each offering unique approaches to challenge, inspire, and elevate your yoga journey.

Invati Yoga & Wellness Okanagan

Invati Yoga & Wellness Okanagan is a calming space for those looking to push their limits. The studio's wide array of classes includes ashtanga yoga, known for its rigorous sequences that test endurance, strength, and flexibility. Invati's environment is welcoming and supportive, providing a space where advanced yogis can explore their potential under expert guidance.

Their Lake Country studio further expands on this with offerings in vinyasa and hatha yoga. These classes emphasize the fluidity of movement and breath, providing a balanced challenge that fosters both physical strength and mental resilience. Invati's seasoned instructors guide practitioners through intricate flows, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Pranify Yoga

Pranify Yoga stands out for its commitment to deepening the yoga journey through immersive workshops and series. These offerings go beyond the typical class structure, providing opportunities for profound exploration and growth. Advanced practitioners will find these workshops especially rewarding, as they learn the nuanced aspects of yoga practice under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Pranify Yoga's workshops cover a range of themes, each tailored to offer insights and tools for personal development. Each session is an opportunity to expand your practice in new and meaningful ways.

Kelowna Yoga House

For those drawn to the precision and discipline of Iyengar Yoga, Kelowna Yoga House is a must-visit. The studio's instructors, many of whom hold advanced Iyengar certifications, bring a depth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable for advanced practitioners. Iyengar Yoga's focus on alignment and technique makes it ideal for those looking to refine their practice.

The studio's serene atmosphere complements the meticulous nature of Iyengar Yoga, providing a calm and focused environment. Students can expect personalized attention and tailored guidance, ensuring a practice that is both challenging and deeply rewarding.


Kelowna's yoga community thrives on diversity and expertise, offering a wealth of options for advanced practitioners. From the dynamic flows of Vinyasa to the disciplined precision of Iyengar Yoga, each studio and instructor brings something unique to the table. Kelowna's advanced yoga scene has something to offer everyone.