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Sunrise Salutations: Morning Yoga Classes in Kelowna

a woman in a white shirt and black leggings doing a yoga pose in a field with a lake in the background.
Pranify Yoga

Kelowna's embrace of wellness and natural beauty finds its perfect expression in the practice of morning yoga. As the city awakens, so do its residents, greeting the day with a sense of renewal and vitality.

The Importance of Morning Yoga

Dawn in Kelowna brings a unique opportunity to align with the natural world through yoga. The practice of Surya Namaskar, or sun salutations, at sunrise is a way to synchronize our rhythms with the awakening day. Morning yoga offers numerous benefits. It helps release the 'fuzz', the connective tissue build-up between muscles, ensuring optimal physical health and flexibility​. Yoga's energizing yet relaxing effects make it the perfect morning practice, even replacing the need for coffee​. It boosts circulation and the immune system​, improves mood​​, and provides a much-needed personal time​, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day​.

Best Yoga Studios in Kelowna for Morning Classes

Kelowna's yoga studios offer a variety of styles and atmospheres for morning practitioners.

Kelowna Yoga House specializes in Iyengar Yoga, perfect for those seeking precision in posture and alignment. Our Yoga Space in Downtown Kelowna brings the heat with Vinyasa and other styles. Pranify Yoga Kelowna heats things up in Pandosy Mission, while Luna Scura Yoga in Upper Mission offers an intimate boutique experience. Perfect Balance Yoga & Fitness integrates yoga with holistic practices. Invati Yoga & Wellness offers a warm embrace with various styles, and Shift Power Yoga in West Kelowna blends power and yin yoga. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Kelowna adds a unique twist to the yoga experience.

Outdoor Yoga Classes in Kelowna

The city's natural beauty becomes a backdrop for yoga classes that move beyond studio walls. Okanagan's Largest Outdoor Yoga Class by Oranj Fitness at Stuart Park is a highlight, offering a communal experience for hundreds of participants. Additionally, rooftop yoga events like The Amplified Collective provide a refreshing twist to Sunday mornings.

Unique Yoga Experiences in Kelowna

For those seeking something different, Kelowna offers unique yoga events. The Summer Solstice Sunset Yoga event in June brings yoga, live music, and mindfulness together. In September, Vino and Vinyasa at Predator Ridge Resort combines the pleasures of yoga with local wines for a weekend retreat.


Kelowna's yoga scene is as diverse and bright as the city itself, offering a range of experiences to start your day with mindfulness, health, and community. Whether it's a studio class or an outdoor event, sunrise yoga in Kelowna is an invigorating way to embrace the day.