Yoga & Mindfulness

Combining Yoga and Wellness in Kelowna

a woman sitting on a rock in a forest doing yoga exercises with her hands up in the air and her eyes closed
Pranify Yoga

In Kelowna, the fusion of yoga and wellness is a transformative journey. This unique blend offers a path to wellness that engages both the body and mind, creating a holistic approach to health that resonates with the spirit of the city.

Yoga and Wellness Centres in Kelowna

Invati Yoga & Wellness

In the city, Invati Yoga & Wellness stands as a sanctuary for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. This wellness refuge offers a variety of yoga styles catering to all levels. From the gentle flow of vinyasa and the deep stretches of yin to the dynamic sequences of ashtanga, there is a style for every preference. After a rejuvenating session, the Invati Café awaits, offering a selection of nutritious goodies to refuel and restore.

Yoga and Nutrition Retreats

Awaken Your Glow Events

The Awaken Your Glow Retreats in Kelowna are an ideal choice. These 5-day escapes are a blend of modern accommodations, self-care workshops, detoxifying yoga, and meditation classes, all complemented by a menu crafted by nutritionists. The retreats, overlooking the beautiful Okanagan Lake, offer a serene setting that encourages relaxation and connection. Participants leave feeling refreshed, empowered, and equipped with insights for continuing their wellness journey. The retreats also include interactive cooking demonstrations and nutrition workshops, adding a practical element to the experience.

Additional Wellness Retreats and Events

Grace + Flow

Grace + Flow elevates the wellness experience with its unique offerings. As a women's wellness brand, they specialize in creating events, workshops, and retreats that harmonize practices for the body, mind, and soul. Their outdoor yoga events and wellness retreats, set amidst the scenic beauty of Kelowna, provide an invigorating space for rejuvenation. Their commitment to holistic health is evident in every aspect, from their carefully curated athletic apparel to the thoughtfully designed wellness activities.


Kelowna's wellness scene offers a rich selections of experiences for those seeking to blend yoga with mindful eating and nutrition. In Kelowna, the journey to wellness is both a practice and a celebration of life in its most pure form.