Bird Watching

Birdwatching in Kelowna: Discovering the Region's Avian Wonders

A bird perched on a thin branch against a blue background in Kelowna.


Kelowna, a city where the natural world seamlessly intertwines with urban charm, has quietly become a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. Known for its stunning landscapes and biodiversity, Kelowna offers an abundance of avian wonders waiting to be explored.

Bird Species in Kelowna

The array of bird species in Kelowna is as varied as it is vibrant. Wander along the paths of Mission Creek Greenway, and you might catch a glimpse of the American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadee, or the Downy Woodpecker. The air here is often filled with their distinctive calls and songs, creating a melodious backdrop to your exploration. At Robert Lake, a unique saline wetland, the rare Eared Grebe makes an appearance, showcasing the diversity of the area's bird life.

In the Bellevue Creek Greenway, the majestic Great Blue Heron, the colourful Western Tanager, and the elusive Black-headed Grosbeak can be spotted amidst the lush greenery. Across the broader region, the skies and trees are home to an array of species from hummingbirds to trumpeter swans, and from mighty eagles to playful jays. The presence of colourful Lazuli Buntings, Bluebirds, Owls, and Cedar Waxwings adds a splash of colour to the landscape. And let’s not forget the charming California Quail, with their distinctive topknots and social behaviour, a familiar sight year-round.

Best Times for Birdwatching

Kelowna’s birdwatching scene thrives throughout the year, with each season offering its unique spectacle. Spring and fall, aligning with the migration seasons, are particularly magical. During these times, the region becomes a bustling corridor for a variety of migratory birds, offering birdwatchers a chance to witness the grand avian parade. Winter in Kelowna is not to be overlooked, as it provides an opportunity to see species like the Bald Eagle, Northern Goshawk, and the enchanting Snowy Owl, which add to the area's wintery charm.

Prime Locations for Birdwatching

Each birdwatching spot in Kelowna has its own allure. Robert Lake, with its shallow waters, is for shorebirds such as the different species of Sandpipers. Bear Creek Provincial Park, encompassing a variety of ecosystems, becomes a hub for birdlife during migration seasons. Here, the Yellow Warbler, Osprey, and Bald Eagles can be observed in their natural habitat.

In the city, Rotary Marsh Park and Knox Mountain Park are recreational spots perfect for birdwatching locales. From waterbirds in the wetlands to songbirds in the dense foliage, these parks offer a tranquil escape for both birds and birdwatchers alike.

Birdwatching Resources and Events in Kelowna

For those looking to deepen their birdwatching experience, Kelowna offers ample resources and events. Organizations such as Avocet Tours provide guided tours, enriching the experience with expert insights. The city also celebrates its avian inhabitants through events like the Meadowlark Nature Festival, which focus on the appreciation and conservation of local habitats.


Kelowna's landscape, rich in natural beauty and avian diversity, is a birdwatcher's dream. From casual observers to dedicated ornithologists, the city offers an array of experiences that cater to all levels of interest. As you embark on your birdwatching adventure in Kelowna, let the chirps, songs, and sights of these feathered residents guide you through an unforgettable journey in nature.