Bird Watching

Bird Watching Tours in Kelowna: Guided Experiences

A black and yellow bird perched on a bare branch against a clear blue sky.

Bird watching in Kelowna offers a symphony of sights and sounds, a glimpse of nature's grand design. Here, amid the lush landscapes, both seasoned birders and casual observers find a location teeming with avian life. Experience Kelowna's bird watching scene by exploring guided tours that provide an immersive experience into this feathery world.

The region's diverse ecosystems, from shimmering lakes to dense forests, create an ideal backdrop for birding. Kelowna is a magnet for bird enthusiasts, offering an array of species that range from the common to the rare, each adding a unique note to the area's ecological melody.

Overview of Bird Watching in Kelowna

Kelowna's geographical diversity, with its mix of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, beckons a variety of bird species. The city’s prime location in the Okanagan Valley creates a corridor for migratory birds, making it a hotspot for birdwatching. From the majestic bald eagle to the tiny, vibrantly coloured warblers, the range of birds seen here is as varied as the landscapes they inhabit.

Birdwatchers are treated to a year-round spectacle, with spring and fall migrations bringing an influx of birds. The serene winters and lively summers each offer their unique birding experiences, making Kelowna an all-season destination for bird enthusiasts.

Notable Bird Watching Locations

Rotary Marsh Bird Sanctuary

At the mouth of Brandt's Creek, Rotary Marsh Bird Sanctuary is a birding hub within the city. Accessible through Waterfront Park or Sunset Drive, this man-made spot melds seamlessly with the adjacent Okanagan Lake. Birdwatchers can expect a tranquil stroll through habitats teeming with local and migratory birds, making it an ideal spot for urban birding.

Chichester Bird Sanctuary

Chichester Bird Sanctuary, a short journey from Rutland Road, offers a network of trails weaving through ponds. This sanctuary serves as a peaceful retreat for birds and birders alike. It’s a place where the sounds of the city fade, replaced by the calls of waterfowl and the rustle of wings.

Carney Pond

Accessed via the Okanagan Rail Trail, Carney Pond is a birdwatching retreat that showcases the diversity of waterbirds. Its proximity to the trail makes it a convenient spot for a serene birdwatching excursion, offering glimpses of ducks, geese, and perhaps the occasional heron.

Maude – Roxby Bird Sanctuary

Located at the end of Francis Ave, the Maude – Roxby Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit for bird enthusiasts in Kelowna. The sanctuary’s walkway offers an intimate view of the bird life, with the rule of no dogs ensuring minimal disturbance to the avian residents.

Munson’s Pond

Munson’s Pond, a small but lively birding spot, is situated off Benvoulin Road. While much of the surrounding area is private, the pond itself is accessible and often bustling with waterbirds, providing a snapshot of Kelowna's diverse bird life.

Robert Lake

Recognized as one of the best areas for shorebirds in British Columbia's interior, Robert Lake is at the north end of Curtis Road. It's a location for birdwatchers seeking to observe a wide array of shorebirds in their natural habitat.

Guided Bird Watching Tours

Avocet Tours

Avocet Tours, renowned for its bird watching vacations across North America, offers guided experiences right in Kelowna’s backyard. These tours are led by experienced birders who share their extensive knowledge and passion for avian life. Avocet Tours brings the world of birds closer, offering insights into their habitats and behaviours.

Central Okanagan Naturalists' Club

The Central Okanagan Naturalists' Club is a cornerstone for bird enthusiasts in Kelowna. They offer guided bird walks, which are not only a chance to observe birds but also an educational journey into the world of local species and conservation efforts. These tours are ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding of bird ecology.

Okanagan Valley Discovery Tours

This tour group provides guided excursions that cater to both novice and expert birdwatchers. The tours are designed to showcase the best of Kelowna’s birding spots, offering a guided experience through the region’s avian-rich areas.


Kelowna’s bird watching tours offer a gateway into the world of birds, a world that is as fascinating as it is diverse. Whether through self-guided exploration or the insightful guidance of a tour, bird watching in Kelowna is an experience that resonates with nature. The guided tours provide an educational and immersive journey, allowing enthusiasts to connect deeply with the avian world. Each location, from the tranquil sanctuaries to the shores of Robert Lake, presents a unique spectacle, making Kelowna a true birdwatcher's paradise.