Yoga & Mindfulness

Calm in the City: Urban Meditation Spaces & Groups in Kelowna

a house with a red roof and a red ladder on the side with a tree in front, labeled Yoga House.
Kelowna Yoga House

In the bustling urban landscape of Kelowna, finding serenity can be a journey itself. Yet, amidst the city life, there exist sanctuaries where the mind can find peace and the spirit can soar.

Meditation Spaces and Groups

Kelowna Yoga House

The Kelowna Yoga House serves as a sanctuary for meditation enthusiasts. Here, various groups gather to explore mindfulness and inner peace. On Mondays, the Mindfulness Meditation Club invites individuals for sessions of peer-led meditation, accompanied by Buddhist-inspired readings and discussions. Tuesdays host the Little Sangha, a Buddhist meditation group under Lama Tashi's guidance, and the Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation sessions, where sound therapy ushers participants into a state of relaxation.

Kelowna Buddhist Temple

For those drawn to Buddhist practices, the Kelowna Buddhist Temple offers meditation sessions detailed in their events section and newsletter. It's a place where tradition meets tranquility, offering a spiritual journey in the midst of urban life.

Nature Spaces for Meditation

  • Kelowna's natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for meditation. Knox Mountain Park, with its elevated views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake, offers a space where nature and cityscape merge harmoniously​.
  • The Kasugai Japanese Garden, a hidden oasis in the city centre, is a peaceful retreat for contemplation and rejuvenation​​.
  • Waterfront Park, with its charming wooden bridges and waterwalls set among lush plants, invites a peaceful escape.
  • City Park, a splendid blend of natural beauty and leisure activities, offers a serene shoreline for reflective moments​​.
  • Mission Creek Regional Park, known for its lovely walking trails, provides a natural sanctuary for those seeking quietude​.
  • Boyce-Gyro Beach Park, a well-maintained beachside park, and Geert Maas Sculpture Gardens, a unique blend of art and nature, both offer unique environments conducive to meditation and relaxation.

Impact of Meditation on Community Well-being

In Kelowna, these meditation spaces do more than offer individual serenity; they contribute significantly to the community's well-being. Regular meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance overall health. These urban and natural meditation spaces in Kelowna provide accessible options for residents to incorporate these practices into their daily lives, fostering a healthier and more mindful community.


Kelowna's urban meditation spaces are gateways to personal well-being and community health. In a world that moves ever faster, these oases of calm in Kelowna remind us of the value of stillness and the importance of taking time to connect with ourselves.