Cocktail Craftsmanship: Kelowna's Unique Cocktail Bars

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Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery


Kelowna's mixologists are redefining the art of the cocktail, turning each pour into a story of local flavour and innovative thinking. Explore the places and faces behind these liquid masterpieces, showcasing how Kelowna's cocktail bars are not just serving drinks but curating experiences.

The Art of Mixology in Kelowna

In Kelowna, mixology is more than a profession – it's a passion infused with local character. Each cocktail bar weaves its unique narrative, often using artisanal spirits and ingredients sourced from the lush Okanagan landscape. A shining example is the Bar Travelling Man, where the mixologist's journey from England to Kelowna has cultivated an appreciation for local flavours, blending them into cocktails that tell a story of cultural fusion and personal journey.

Signature Cocktails and Their Creators

At Jack's Pizza and Liquor, bartender Jared Schmidt is a local legend. His concoction, "It Takes A Valley," not only clinched the second spot at the 2020 Patrón Perfectionists challenge but also encapsulates the nature of Kelowna. This cocktail features local ingredients like verjus from Summerhill Vineyards and cider from Nomad Cider. The drink's success on the global stage is a nod to the city's emerging status in the international mixology scene.

Equally noteworthy is Born To Shake's 'Carrot Cake Old Fashioned,' a delightful twist on the classic. This cocktail perfectly balances the earthy sweetness of carrot cake syrup with the spicy citrus finish of Covfefe Bitters, showcasing the innovative spirit of Kelowna’s mixologists.

Cocktail Bars of Distinction

Kelowna's cocktail bars are as diverse as the drinks they serve. Social 242 stands out as a community hub, where the wrap-around bar fosters lively conversations, and the screens overhead buzz with excitement on event nights. It's the perfect starting point for a night out in downtown Kelowna.

Then there's The Ricco Room, a tropical-inspired oasis in the city. Each cocktail here is a masterpiece of mixology, with layers of nuanced flavours unfolding in every sip. The bar’s modernity and sophistication are reflected in its cocktails, offering a transportive experience away from the mundane.

Cocktail Events and Competitions

The Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery Mixoff is a highlight of Kelowna's cocktail calendar. Here, the city's top bartenders compete to create the best cocktail using local spirits and wines. It's an evening that celebrates the collaborative and competitive spirit of Kelowna's mixologists, complete with live music, delicious appetizers, and, of course, an array of creatively crafted cocktails.

Kelowna's cocktail scene is a dynamic blend of local flavours, innovative creations, and passionate mixologists. From award-winning concoctions to bars that are as much about community as they are about cocktails, this city offers a cocktail experience that's as rich and varied as the landscape it calls home. A night out in Kelowna promises to be an unforgettable journey through some of the most innovative and delightful cocktail bars.