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Culinary Explorations: A Foodie Tour of Downtown Kelowna

A dish featuring grilled shrimp over a bed of mixed greens, cream sauce, and halved potatoes, served at Erica Jane Restaurant in Kelowna.
Erica Jane Restaurant


Kelowna is emerging as a culinary paradise, where local flavours fuse with global trends to create an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Here is a look at the diverse and vibrant food scene of Downtown Kelowna, guiding you through its best local eateries, bustling food trucks, and unique culinary experiences.

Local Eateries and Fine Dining

Erica Jane: In the ONE Water street high rise, Erica Jane redefines fine dining in Kelowna. Helmed by local chef Chris Braun, it offers an Okanagan perspective, serving farm-to-table cuisine in an elegant, minimalist setting. Its unique vibe and sophisticated plating technique make it a must-visit.

Barn Owl Brewing: This historic bakery/cafe in the red barn at Surtees Corner is a charming blend of history and modern taste. Known for its coffees and a selection of delicious treats, it stands out for the area's rich local heritage.

Hector’s Casa: A former small taco restaurant turned into a beloved Mexican eatery, Hector’s Casa is known for some of the best tacos in Kelowna. It promises an authentic Mexican dining experience right in the city.

Tiffin India's Fresh Kitchen: Adding a splash of colour to the culinary palette of Kelowna, this restaurant near Erica Jane brings bright, sunny interiors and a lively atmosphere. It offers a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine.

Empire Crepe: Run by owners from Maine, this North End spot tantalizes with unique crepes and an inviting atmosphere, delayed in opening but worth the wait for its distinctive offerings.

Ko-Dak Korean Chicken: Formerly Nari Sushi, this spot specializes in Korean chicken dishes, offering a simple yet intriguing menu focusing on takeout and delivery.

Just Peachy: On Bernard Ave, Just Peachy combines health with flavour in its smoothie cafe. The Californian oasis vibes and colourful smoothie bowls offer a refreshing break in the bustling city.

Black Rabbit Coffee House: Taking over from Cafe XI, this coffee shop injects a fresh vibe into the Playa Resort area. It's known for its excellent brews and cozy ambiance, making it a trendy spot for both locals and tourists.

Habibi Tapas: Located in the Landmark District, this eatery brings a modern twist to traditional Lebanese dishes. Its outdoor patio, adorned with warm string lights, offers an enchanting evening experience.

Maestro’s: At the Manteo Resort, Maestro’s specializes in Mediterranean dishes, offering stunning views of Okanagan Lake.

Analog Coffee: Situated near Sunset Road, this coffee shop is part of the rejuvenation of Downtown Kelowna, promising excellent coffee in a modern setting.

Bernie’s Supper & Cinema Club: A chic restaurant with a unique cinema experience, Bernie’s offers delicious bites and cocktails, making it a go-to spot for Kelowna’s nightlife.

Roma Nord: Renowned for authentic Roman cuisine, this restaurant promises an unparalleled Italian dining experience in Kelowna.

King Taps: Dominating the waterfront dining scene, King Taps is known for its great food and bustling atmosphere, especially during the tourist season.

Food Trucks and Street Food

TNT Dynamite: Located at the Kelowna Farmers’ & Crafters’ Market, this food truck is known for its homemade-style comfort food, including classic cheeseburgers and chicken burgers with a gluten-free option.

Wasabi On Wheels: A noodle truck by Wasabi Izakaya, serving steaming bowls of housemade noodles, found at Railside Brewing on select days.

Little TOKYO Ramen Trailer: Parked at Barn Owl Brewing, this trailer offers handmade noodles and broths, and a selection of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Tak-Oh: This local favourite taco truck serves a range of Mexican dishes, from classic tacos to quesadillas, attracting crowds around town.

The Kitchen Party Grilled Cheese Food Truck: Specializing in comfort food, this truck parked at the K.L.O. Farm Market offers grilled cheese, tomato soup, and old-school milkshakes.

The Bone Yard Bar-B-Q & Grilling Co.: Parked in the Canadian Tire parking lot, it serves gourmet smoked meat, burgers, and unique dishes like the Caveman Style Naaco.

Surf Side California: A popular truck for taco enthusiasts, parked at Rotary Beach in Kelowna, it offers classic tacos with a twist, including Hawaiian-style Poké Surf tacos.

Reggae Fusion: Owned by a Jamaican family, this food truck brings a taste of Jamaica to Kelowna, with dishes like Jamaican Patties and a Jerk Chicken Wrap.

Culinary Experiences and Tours

A Taste Of Kelowna Food Tours is a guided historical and cultural walking tour that has lots of local insight. Starting at the Laurel Packinghouse and traversing the lakeside Cultural District, it includes tastings at local businesses, providing an intimate look at Kelowna's culinary history and culture.

Culinary Classes

The Okanagan Table Offers an interactive cooking experience, these classes include dinner inspired by the session, complete with beverage pairings. Themes vary, from a classic steakhouse night to an Italian-inspired Christmas feast, making it a perfect opportunity for culinary enthusiasts to deepen their skills and enjoy delicious creations.


Downtown Kelowna's culinary landscape interweaves local flavours with global influences. From elegant fine dining to vibrant street food and enriching culinary experiences, the city caters to every palate. This exploration serves as a testament to Kelowna's growing reputation as a food lover's paradise, inviting you to taste and experience its diverse culinary offerings.