Winter Activities

Experience Kelowna's Winter Festivals and Events

A child bundled up in winter clothes, holding a mug in one hand and food in the other, smiling joyfully in a snowy outdoor market.

Embrace the winter season in Kelowna, where the chilly air and snowy landscapes become a backdrop for a series of enthralling festivals and events. From high-speed rallies to cozy street markets, this city transforms into a winter wonderland of cultural vibrancy and community spirit. Each event, unique in its own right, weaves together the fabric of Kelowna's dynamic winter scene.

December Events

Craft Culture Holiday Market

December in Kelowna kicks off with the Craft Culture Holiday Market, a paradise for those who appreciate the value of locally-made gifts and crafts. As you wander among the stalls, the air is filled with a festive spirit, and the array of handcrafted goods offers a personal touch to your holiday shopping.

Big White Winter Rally

The Big White Winter Rally, scheduled for December 7-9, is an adrenaline-pumping highlight. This rally is not just a race; it's a celebration of winter sports, where top North American rally teams push their limits against the snowy backdrop of Kelowna's forest roads. The event is a sensory spectacle, with the roar of engines and the breathtaking scenery of Big White combining to create an unforgettable experience.

Downtown Kelowna Light Up! & Winter Street Market

Kelowna shines bright on December 2nd with the Downtown Kelowna Light Up! & Winter Street Market. Stuart Park becomes a hub of joyous activity, featuring live entertainment, a variety of food options, and the much-anticipated lighting of the giant tree. It's a place where community and celebration come together, offering fun for all ages.

January Events

Okanagan Bridal Expo

January welcomes the Okanagan Bridal Expo, a dream space for those planning their special day. The expo showcases the latest trends and services in the wedding industry, providing inspiration and practical solutions for every aspect of wedding planning.

Living Things International Arts Festival

The Living Things International Arts Festival, running from January 20 to 28, brings a touch of the avant-garde to Kelowna. This festival offers a platform for innovative performances that challenge and delight. It's a gathering that celebrates both international and local artists, creating a colourful mix of theatrical, visual, and performance arts.

Kelowna Fringe Festival

The Kelowna Fringe Festival, an event where the unexpected becomes the norm, takes place January 28 - February 4. It's a platform for artists who push boundaries, offering performances that range from the unconventional to the outright bizarre. This festival is an example of the creative spirit, showcasing talent in its most unfiltered form.

February Events

Dine Around Kelowna

Dine Around Kelowna, continuing from January into February, is a culinary adventure. This event invites you to explore the diverse flavors of the city, with participating restaurants offering special menus at attractive prices. It's an opportunity to savour new dishes and rediscover old favourites in a celebration of Kelowna's rich gastronomic landscape.

Fireside Festival

Fireside Festival, Kelowna's Winter Arts and Music Festival, returns from February 2 – 4, 2024. It's three days of entertainment hosted at Red Bird Brewing and BNA Brewing Co & Eatery where music lovers can indulge.

In Kelowna, winter is not just a season; it's a canvas for cultural expression and communal joy. From the thrill of the Big White Winter Rally to the culinary delights of Dine Around Kelowna, the city offers a winter experience that is as diverse as it is enchanting. As the snow blankets the city, these events warm the hearts of residents and visitors alike, making Kelowna a must-visit winter destination.