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Family-Friendly Mountain Biking: Safe & Scenic Trails in Kelowna

Fatbiking in the winter at the Myra Canyon Kettle Valley trail In Kelowna.
Matthew Clark

Mountain biking in Kelowna offers an adventure for every family member, from the smallest pedal-pusher to the most daring downhill enthusiast. Kelowna's trail networks provide a unique blend of scenic beauty and thrilling rides.

Knox Mountain Park

Perched just minutes from Downtown Kelowna, Knox Mountain Park is perfect for mountain bikers. This park boasts a trail network of 45 trails, with a good balance for various skill levels – 17 green, 19 blue, and 6 black trails, with 1 double black diamond trail for those brave enough. Accessibility is a key feature here, offering quality trails without compromising the experience for beginners.

For beginners, a recommended route starts by climbing Knox Mountain Road, turning onto the Front Side Connector blue trail, and then onto Turtle Back Traverse. This route offers gentle climbs, fun descents, and small rock features, all while serving up views of Kelowna. Intermediate riders can opt for the Simpson Trail, known for its high-quality machine-built flow, including tables, hips, and fast berms. Advanced bikers might challenge themselves on the Shale Trail, a top-to-bottom descent featuring rock rolls, jumps, and drops, making for an exhilarating ride.

Crawford Trails in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park

The Crawford trail network, part of Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, is a patchwork of 110 trails that span across diverse terrains. From rooty, rocky paths to smoother trails weaving through shrubbery, these trails cater to riders of all levels. The park's location in the southeast of Kelowna, accessible via Stewart Road East, makes it a convenient destination for a family biking day out.

Beginners can start with the Lost Lake Trail, leading to the Galloping trail, an easy descent with moderate slopes and turns. Intermediate riders can pedal up the same trail but take a different turn at Teddy Bear Junction, leading them onto the more challenging Boris trail, laden with chunky rocks and fast sections. Advanced riders seeking more thrill can explore the Lost Lake Trail beyond the Teddy Bear Junction, tackling trails like Outhouse and Vapour, known for their challenging rock features and captivating views.

Gillard Trails

For families with intermediate and advanced riders, the Gillard Trails offer an exhilarating experience. This network, located in the south of Kelowna near the Kettle Valley Neighbourhood, is known for its bike-park-like trails. The network has 73 trails, with a mix of blue, black, and double black trails, catering mainly to more experienced riders.

Intermediate riders can enjoy the Moose Knuckle Trail, a fast single track with berms and rock gardens, winding through a young forest. The trail connects to Lower Kerplop and St. Ripper, offering flowy rides with optional rock slabs. For advanced riders, the trail “Kerplop” presents a mix of wood stunts, gap jumps, and rock gardens, leading to the challenging Rubber Down trail. The network's varied terrain and exciting features make it an ideal spot for riders looking to push their limits.

Kelowna's mountain biking trails offer a diverse range of experiences suitable for families. Kelowna's trails have something for everyone. So, pack your helmets, pump up those tires, and get ready to explore the best of family-friendly mountain biking in Kelowna.