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Family-Friendly Golfing: Best Courses in Kelowna for All Ages

a group of ducks laying on top of a lush green field next to a tree filled park bench on a lush green grass covered field at Michealbrook Golf Course in Kelowna.
Michealbrook Golf Course

Golf in Kelowna transcends being merely a sport; it's an experience that unites families amidst scenic landscapes and meticulously designed courses. In Kelowna, the sport's universal appeal is evident, offering something for every family member, from the enthusiastic beginner to the seasoned player.

Michaelbrook Golf Club

within the Okanagan wine country, Michaelbrook Golf Club stands out as a family-friendly gem. This par 63, 3,700-yard course caters to golfers of all skill levels, making it an ideal destination for families. Its well-maintained greens and fairways provide a welcoming atmosphere for a relaxing day out. The club's friendly environment, combined with its challenging yet manageable layout, ensures that both young golfers and adults can enjoy their time on the course. The course's reputation as one of the best in the Okanagan Valley in its class is a testament to its appeal to families seeking quality golfing experiences.

Mission Creek Golf Club

In Kelowna lies the Mission Creek Golf Club. This 18-hole, par-61 course stretches nearly 3,900 yards and is known for its diverse and unique holes. The course's design is a delightful blend of challenge and accessibility, making it perfect for a family day out. With an average playtime of just over three hours, it's an ideal spot for families looking to enjoy a full game without it taking up their entire day. The course’s welcoming atmosphere, combined with its engaging layout, makes it a favourite among local families.

Shadow Ridge Golf Club

Shadow Ridge Golf Club offers an 18-hole public course that embodies the spirit of accessible golf. Since its opening in 1988, this 6,423-yard, par 71 course has been a popular choice for families. It's known for its affordability and a layout that is enjoyable to walk, allowing families to savour their game in a serene environment. Shadow Ridge's commitment to making golf accessible to all ages makes it an excellent choice for families looking to introduce their children to the game or for those seeking a relaxed golfing experience.

Mini-Golf Options: Scandia Golf and Games

For a twist on the traditional golf experience, Scandia Golf and Games offers an array of fun-filled activities for the whole family. With both outdoor and indoor mini-golf courses, it's an ideal destination for families, especially those with younger children. The center doesn't just stop at mini-golf; it also boasts go-karts, batting cages, a shooting gallery, and an array of arcade games. This variety ensures that every family member, regardless of age, will find something to enjoy. Scandia Golf and Games is not just about golf; it's about creating lasting memories.

Additional Family-Friendly Golf Courses in Kelowna

Kelowna is home to several other golf courses that cater to families. The Harvest Golf Club is renowned for its beautiful setting and top-notch services, making it an excellent choice for family events like weddings. Kelowna Springs Golf Club, with its friendly staff and flat but challenging greens, is perfect for beginners and families. Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club offers a delightful experience with its scenic views and challenging fairways. Black Mountain Golf Club is known for its beautiful course and tough greens, while Tower Ranch Golf & Country Club impresses with its stunning views and exceptional course condition. Lastly, Shannon Lake Golf Course, located next to an awe-inspiring lake, is known for its pristine fairways and greens, appealing to beginners and intermediate players.


Kelowna's diverse range of golf courses offers something for every family. If you're looking for a full-length course challenge, a fun mini-golf experience, or a scenic venue for a family event, Kelowna has it all. These golf courses are not just about the sport; they're about enjoying quality time with family, creating unforgettable memories, and enjoying the beauty of Kelowna. So grab your clubs, gather the family, and head to one of these fantastic golfing destinations for a day filled with fun, challenge, and relaxation.