Improving Your Game: Top Golf Instructors and Academies in Kelowna

Two golfers walking towards a green on a sunny day at Two Eagles Golf Course in West Kelowna, with homes in the background.
Two Eagles Golf Course


Kelowna, with its stunning landscapes and lush greens, has become a nexus for golf enthusiasts seeking to elevate their game. Browse the finest golf instructors and academies in the region, offering insights for those looking to refine their swings and strategies under expert guidance.

Top Golf Academies in Kelowna

Kelowna's golf academies provide structured environments for learning and improvement, with state-of-the-art facilities and tailored programs.

GBC Golf Academy at The Okanagan Golf Club

The GBC Golf Academy stands out with its world-class practice facility set amidst beautiful surroundings. Offering a variety of lesson programs designed for golfers of all ages and skill levels, the academy ensures that every session is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Gallagher's Canyon Golf Academy

Gallagher's Canyon Golf Academy offers an innovative and flexible credit system for instruction programs, providing various options from single sessions to unlimited annual passes. Their approach to golf instruction is adaptable and user-friendly, allowing golfers to choose the learning path that best suits their needs and goals.

Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy

Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy is known for its scenic views and a team of PGA professionals dedicated to teaching the sport. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Two Eagles offers an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Top Golf Instructors in Kelowna

The caliber of instruction can significantly influence a golfer's development. Kelowna boasts several highly acclaimed instructors, each bringing a unique approach to the game.

Clay Stothers - GBC Golf Academy, The Okanagan Golf Club

Clay Stothers, a PGA of Canada Director of Instruction, is a renowned figure in the golf community. His accolades include being named the PGA of BC Coach of the Year in 2022 and the PGA of BC Teacher of the Year in 2014. With over two decades of teaching experience, Clay's passion for golf history and beauty shines through in his coaching. He emphasizes the importance of understanding one's golf swing and maintaining consistency for successful and enjoyable play.

Conner Kozak - GBC Golf Academy, The Okanagan Golf Club

Conner Kozak, another PGA of Canada professional at the GBC Golf Academy, started his golf journey at a young age. His junior golf career saw several championships and top finishes in high-level competition. As a varsity golf player at the University of British Columbia, Conner honed his skills further. Now, as a professional, he is committed to growing the game at all levels, driven by a desire to share his love for the sport with others.

Instructors at Gallagher's Canyon and Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy

At Gallagher's Canyon Golf Academy, Paul Wammer, Lee Alarie, and Josh Johnston offer expert guidance, while Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy features professionals Rick Montgomery, Curtis Pannell, Kyle McMurphy, and Jessica Claggett. Each brings a unique set of skills and experiences, catering to golfers at various stages of their journey.

Kelowna's golf instructors and academies show the city's dedication to the sport. With a range of options tailored to different skill levels and learning styles, anyone looking to improve their game will find a wealth of resources in this scenic city. Kelowna's golf community welcomes you to hone your skills and enjoy the game amidst its stunning landscapes.