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Kelowna Wine Tours for Beginners: A User-Friendly Guide

Two glasses of red wine held by a hand with a CedarCreek Estate Winery wine menu on a table.
CedarCreek Estate Winery

Embarking on a wine tour in Kelowna is like opening a bottle of fine wine; each sip reveals a new layer of flavour, just as every tour uncovers another facet of this wine region. This is your key to unlocking the charming world of Kelowna's wineries, tailored for those taking their first steps into the enchanting realm of wine tours and tastings.

Understanding Wine Tours in Kelowna

Kelowna's wine tours offer an array of experiences that cater to every taste. From the serene landscapes of the Lake Country Scenic Wine Tour to the enchanting evenings of the Sunset Sip Wine Tour, there's a journey for every palate. The tours typically span 3 to 6 hours, allowing ample time to savour the region's offerings. With prices ranging from $107 to over $700 per adult, there's a tour to fit various budgets. Additionally, many tours offer the flexibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, making it easy for travellers to adjust plans.

Preparing for Your Wine Tour

When planning your wine tour, remember that safety comes first. British Columbia enforces a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving, so having a designated driver or booking a guided tour is essential. Before setting out, check the wineries' websites for their hours of operation, as some close their tasting rooms early. For groups, especially those with six or more people, advance booking is often required, and tasting fees might apply. Don't forget to bring photo identification, as wineries will need to confirm you're of legal drinking age, which is 19+ in British Columbia.

At the Winery: Tips and Etiquette

Upon arrival at the winery, be aware that many charge a tasting fee, often refundable with a wine purchase. Wine tasting is an adult experience, taking place amidst working farms and active facilities. If children accompany you, they must be supervised at all times. When it comes to tasting etiquette, avoid drinking coffee or smoking beforehand, as this can affect your palate. Perfumes and strong scents should also be avoided, as they can interfere with the aroma of the wines. Remember, wine tasting is subjective; there are no right or wrong answers. Feel free to share your thoughts and ask the staff for recommendations based on your preferences.

Recommended Wineries for Beginners

For beginners, some wineries in Kelowna stand out for their approachable and enriching experiences. Mission Hill Winery, renowned for its architectural beauty and award-winning wines, offers a range of tasting options starting at $25 CAD. Quails’ Gate provides a family-run winery experience with a farm-to-table restaurant, perfect for those who appreciate a good meal with their wine. Another excellent choice for beginners is Off the Grid Organic Winery, where organic wines and a farm setting create a unique tasting experience. Each of these wineries, along with others like The Hatch and Little Straw Vineyards, offers a distinct introduction to Kelowna’s wine culture, catering to both the novice and the curious.


Embarking on a wine tour in Kelowna is an immersive experience into a rich cultural landscape. This serves as your compass through the diverse wineries of Kelowna, ensuring a delightful and informed journey for beginners. Kelowna's wine tours promise a memorable adventure for every visitor.