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Kelowna's Best Dog Parks and Pet-Friendly Places

A wooden bench under a tree facing a calm lake with a pier and forested hills in the background on a sunny day.

Welcoming every four-legged friend, Kelowna's diverse dog parks and pet-friendly places have something to offer for every pooch and pet lover. Outdoor enthusiasts can share the beauty of the city with their furry friends in vast open spaces, while others find solace in cozy urban corners where their pets can socialize.

Ellison Dog Park

Located off of Old Vernon Road, the Ellison Dog Park is a massive 7-hectare off-leash site that caters exclusively to dogs and their owners. A mixture of fenced and open-air spaces, this park is perfect for pups that enjoy running free and socializing with their peers. There is also a portable restroom on the park premises for the convenience of pet owners.

Cedar Creek Park

Cedar Creek Park is hailed as one of Kelowna's most scenic spots to experience with your furry friends. The park extends to Okanagan Lake, providing ample space for your dog to play and cool off, making it ideal for water-loving breeds. For safety, the park offers a reservation system to control the number of pets and people at any given time.

Knox Mountain Park

Beyond traditional flat parks, Knox Mountain Park offers dog owners a chance to experience nature with their pets right in the city. This 310-hectare park features breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake and the city. A walk up the Apex Trail can be a rigorous workout for you and your loyal companion, with water stations and benches scattered along the way where you can rest and hydrate.

Beach Access 398

When it comes to water fun, nothing beats Beach Access 398. Situated at Lake Avenue and Abbott Street, this off-leash beach literally lets your pups make a splash. Open year-round, it is a hit among dogs that love swimming. It's also near the city centre, making it easily accessible for residents and visitors alike.

Bellevue Creek Greenway

If you are a fan of long strolls, Bellevue Creek Greenway is the ideal location. This park follows the path of Bellevue Creek and the forested area provides a break from the city. It offers both on-leash and off-leash areas, making it a versatile choice for those who want a peaceful walk or an upbeat playtime with their pets.

Sutherland Dog Beach

Sutherland Dog Beach is another fantastic location for dogs that love to swim. This on-leash beach is enormously popular during the summer months, offering both sandy terrain and grassy areas where you and your dog can take a break from swimming and enjoy an afternoon picnic.

Kelowna Pet-Friendly Cafés, Breweries, and Wineries

Kelowna isn’t just about outdoor spaces. The ever-growing pet-loving community has led to many establishments opening their doors to four-legged customers. Canine-friendly hotspots such as Kettle River Brewing Co. will allow you to enjoy a refreshing pint while your dog lounges by your side. And Mission Hill Winery not only offers spectacular views and top-notch wines but also welcomes well-behaved pups on their outdoor terrace.

Similarly, Bliss Bakery offers outdoor seating for you and your dog to enjoy. Their casual and relaxed atmosphere, combined with a mouthwatering menu, is the perfect way to round off a day spent discovering the beauty of Kelowna.

This variety of dog parks and pet-friendly locations make Kelowna a truly welcoming city for dogs and their owners.