Kelowna's Top Motorbike Trails: Off-Road Adventures Await

A winding road through a green, hilly landscape in Kelowna with sparse trees and visible dirt paths on the hillsides.

Kelowna's diverse landscape offers motorbike enthusiasts a unique blend of challenging and scenic trails, perfect for an off-road adventure. From beginner-friendly paths to technical terrains, these trails not only promise exhilarating rides but also showcase the stunning beauty of the region.

Bear Creek OHV Trail System

In West Kelowna, the Bear Creek OHV Trail System stands out as a premier destination for off-road motorbiking. Offering over 85,000 acres of riding area, this trail system features a vast network of 350 km of routes suitable for motorcyclists and ATV enthusiasts. The trail system is particularly appealing for families and beginners, thanks to its range of beginner-friendly trails, while also offering a progression into more challenging paths for advanced riders. The trail maintenance and development, spearheaded by the Okanagan Trail Riders, have made Bear Creek a model for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable off-road experiences.

Greenstone/Inks Lake/Chuwels Mountain - Kamloops, B.C.

A little further out, the combined areas of Greenstone, Inks Lake, and Chuwels Mountain near Kamloops provide hundreds of kilometres of forestry roads, two-track, and technical singletrack trails. Located southwest of Kamloops, these interconnected trails offer diverse experiences for riders of all levels, from leisurely paths for beginners to the challenging Pro Zone for experts. With the extensive trail network, riders can find new routes to explore on every visit, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience each time.

Mount Ida - Silver Creek, B.C.

The Mount Ida riding area, a short drive south of Salmon Arm, offers a unique off-road experience with its rocky, technical single-track trails. Staging areas are conveniently located by the Silver Creek community park and Wall Creek forest service road. The trails span the western slopes of Mount Ida and are notable for their rocky terrain, providing an exhilarating challenge even for seasoned riders. The majority of these trails are accessible year-round, especially with studded tires, allowing for a prolonged riding season.

Bardolph & Becker Lakes - Vernon, B.C.

Over in Vernon, the Bardolph and Becker Lakes trails provide over 150 km of diverse routes. Maintained by the Vernon Off-Road Motorcycle Club, these trails offer a mix of single-track and old skidder roads, with stunning views of the surrounding areas, including Lavington, Coldstream, Vernon, and Kalamalka Lake. The area is great for camping, with several spots available, making it an ideal location for a weekend of exploration and riding. The trails on both sides of the valley cater to all skill levels, from mild to wild, ensuring a ride that’s as challenging or relaxed as desired.

Allendale Lake - Okanagan Falls, B.C.

For a more secluded and advanced riding experience, Allendale Lake near Okanagan Falls is great. Though smaller in scale, the area still boasts 40 to 50 kilometres of well-maintained single-track, along with numerous backroads extending towards Kelowna and Kettle Valley. The terrain, featuring loose dirt, pine trees, and plenty of rocks, is more suited to advanced riders, but there are also trails enjoyable for beginners. The South Okanagan Dirt Bike Club hosts an annual event here, adding to the area's appeal for local and visiting riders alike​.


Kelowna and its surrounding areas offer some of the most diverse and scenic off-road motorbike trails in Canada. Whether you're a beginner looking for a safe, family-friendly trail or an expert rider in search of a technical challenge, there's a trail in Kelowna waiting for you. Remember to respect the trails, adhere to local regulations, and most importantly, enjoy the ride and the stunning views that come with it.