Riding Through the Seasons: Year-Round Motorbiking in Kelowna

A person in a black leather jacket riding a motorcycle on a road with trees in the background.

Kelowna, with its beautiful landscapes and winding roads, is a motorbiker's dream. Each season here brings a new backdrop and a different riding experience, making it a unique destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. Let's review how to make the most of Kelowna's motorbiking opportunities throughout the year, including essential gear and maintenance tips to ensure a smooth ride regardless of the weather.

Spring and Summer Riding

Kelowna's spring and summer months are perfect for exploring its famous routes, such as the Tail of Ogopogo, a thrilling 67-kilometre ride along Okanagan Lake. This route, characterized by over 330 curves, promises an exhilarating experience for even the most seasoned riders. Other notable rides include the Osoyoos loop (331 km), Kelowna Princeton Penticton Loop (355 km), and several others, each offering its own unique charm and challenges.

When it comes to gear, versatility is key. Light layers are ideal for handling the fluctuating temperatures. Windproof and waterproof jackets are essential for the occasional showers, while denim jackets provide a breathable yet versatile option for transitioning between cooler mornings and warmer afternoons. Don’t forget leather gloves for warmth.

Fall Riding

As autumn colours emerge, Kelowna's landscape transforms, offering a visually stunning backdrop for motorbiking. However, the cooler temperatures and diverse road conditions require attention to motorcycle maintenance. Ensuring tire pressure and tread depth, checking brake pads and discs, and maintaining the oil and coolant levels become crucial for safe riding. Battery health and lighting systems are also key areas to focus on, alongside chain and sprocket maintenance.

For gear, layering remains important. Windproof and waterproof layers will protect against unpredictable weather, while heated gear options like gloves and vests can provide extra comfort during colder rides.

Winter Riding

Winter in Kelowna presents its own set of challenges and rewards for motorbiking enthusiasts. Proper maintenance is critical for safe winter riding. Regular battery checks, tire inspections, and using winter-ready coolant/antifreeze are essential. Keeping the chain lubricated to prevent rust, changing oil and filters before the season, and hosing off the bike after each ride to remove salt and prevent corrosion are key practices. Additionally, storing the bike indoors or under a high-quality cover can protect it from the harsh winter elements.

Riders should also consider installing hand-warmer grips and treating helmet visors with anti-fog inserts or sprays to enhance comfort and visibility. The right gear, including layers and high-performance gloves, will make winter rides more enjoyable and safe.


Kelowna offers an unparalleled motorbiking experience throughout the year. Each season brings its own beauty and challenges, making it a destination worth exploring on two wheels. By following these tips and staying prepared, riders can enjoy the thrill of motorbiking in Kelowna, regardless of the season. Remember, safety and preparedness are key to making the most of your rides through Kelowna's ever-changing landscapes.