Motorbike Maintenance Tips from Kelowna's Experts

A young woman in a white tank top and denim shorts walking through a checkered floor motorcycle museum filled with various classic and racing motorcycles, under dim lighting.


Every twist of the throttle and every mile on the odometer is proof of the joy of motorbiking. Yet, this joy hinges on the meticulous care of your machine. In Kelowna, where the open roads beckon, local experts share their wisdom on keeping your bike in peak condition, ensuring safety and longevity. This is your roadmap to motorbike maintenance, combining local expertise and essential practices for the dedicated rider.

Establishing a Maintenance Routine

Regular maintenance is a ritual of safety and performance. It's essential for every rider to understand their bike's needs. From navigating the bust streets of Kelowna to cruising the scenic Okanagan Valley, the condition of your motorbike significantly influences your experience. Routine checks should include examining tires, brakes, suspension, and chains to prevent catastrophic failures. These routines not only enhance safety but also save you from costly repairs​.

Tire Care and Maintenance

Tires are the bridge between your bike and the road. Proper tire pressure is crucial for optimal handling and braking. Under-inflated tires can impair braking and handling, while over-inflated ones can wear down more quickly and reduce road contact, affecting grip. Riders should adjust tire pressure according to their activities, such as track days or touring, and check it regularly when the tires are cold. Tire lifespan varies, but it's generally time for a change when the indicators are level with the tread surface or at around 10,000 km.

Brakes and Brake Fluid Management

Your bike's brakes are vital for safe riding, especially in Kelowna's varied landscapes. Regularly inspect brake pads and replace them when they wear down to about 2mm. Also, use proper disc brake cleaner for regular cleaning. Brake fluid should be replaced every year or two, as it can absorb moisture over time, compromising brake performance​.

Engine Oil and Filter Changes

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your motorbike. Changing it and the filter roughly every 4,500 km is recommended, depending on your bike model and usage. This not only ensures smooth engine operation but also extends the engine's life.

Chain and Sprocket Care

The chain and sprocket demand regular attention. Maintain proper chain tension to avoid damage to the drivechain. Inspect and lubricate the chain every 1000 kms and clean it periodically to remove dirt and debris. When replacing the chain, it's advised to change the sprockets simultaneously to maintain optimal performance​.

Yearly Checks and Advanced Maintenance

Yearly checks are crucial for the longevity of your motorbike. These include changing the air filter, checking cam chain tensioners, and tuning the carburettor. Additionally, inspect the coolant, fuel filter, engine oil and filter, and valve adjustments. For the frame, grease bearings, inspect steering head bearings, and check the sub-frame and swinging arm bearings. For other parts, inspect and maintain brakes, brake callipers, fluid, and lines, drive chain, tires, wheel bearings and seals, and wheels​.

The Consequences of Neglect

Ignoring regular maintenance can lead to severe consequences. Worn tires may lose grip, a stretched chain can cause accidents, thin brake pads risk brake failure, and deteriorating engine oil can lead to engine failure. Each neglected part not only risks your safety but also the integrity of your beloved ride​.


Motorbike maintenance is a blend of passion and responsibility. It's about understanding your bike and treating it with the care it deserves. Kelowna's scenic routes await, but only if your bike is as ready as you are. Trust local experts, follow these guidelines, and enjoy the ride with confidence and safety.