Winter Activities

Kelowna's Winter Markets: Shopping and Local Crafts

Two women in winter clothing smiling and enjoying a festive market stall filled with colorful heart-shaped decorations.

Amidst the crisp, snowy backdrop of Kelowna's winter, the city transforms into a bustling hub of creativity and warmth. The winter markets of Kelowna are not just about shopping; they are a celebration of local craftsmanship, unique culinary experiences, and community spirit.

Key Winter Markets in Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna Light Up! & Winter Street Market- On December 2, 2023, the city will dazzle with the Downtown Kelowna Light Up! & Winter Street Market. This event is a collectiion of live entertainment, activities for all ages, and festive food, culminating in a magical tree-lighting celebration.

Craft Culture Holiday Market at Prospera Place- From December 1-3, 2023, Prospera Place will host the Craft Culture Holiday Market. As Okanagan's largest holiday market, it features over 200 local vendors, offering an array of handcrafted artisanal goods and one-of-a-kind creations.

Holiday Magic Market at the RCA- On November 18-19, the Rotary Centre for the Arts will be transformed into a wonderland of local talent. The Holiday Magic Market is your destination for unique, locally handmade items, showcasing the skills of over 80 talented vendors​.

Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market- Winter Edition- Running from November to March at the Parkinson Recreation Centre, this market is full of seasonal farm products, crafts, and delectable food offerings. It's a continuation of the summer market's vibrancy, now adapted to the winter season.

Unique Local Crafts at Kelowna Winter Markets

Kelowna's winter markets are a display of the creativity and skill of local artisans. Visitors can find an eclectic mix of handmade soaps, intricate jewellery, quality leather goods, and soothing skin care products. Each item tells a story of dedication and artistry, making them more than just purchases; they're keepsakes.

Distinctive Kelowna Gifts

These markets are great for those seeking thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts. From unique housewares to whimsical children’s toys, each market offers something special. The Craft Culture Holiday Market, in particular, is renowned for its wide selection of artisanal gifts that are sure to delight anyone on your holiday list​.

Local Food and Delicacies

A visit to Kelowna's winter markets is also a culinary journey. The Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market features an array of local produce, including fall apples, honey, baked goods, fresh eggs, meats, and specialty food products. An onsite kitchen and food trucks enhance the experience, allowing visitors to sample the best of local flavours​.

Community and Cultural Aspects

The winter markets of Kelowna are more than just commercial hubs; they are gatherings that knit the community closer together. They offer a platform for local artisans and farmers to showcase their products, fostering a sense of pride and connection within the community.

Kelowna's winter markets are a celebration of local talent, community, and the festive spirit. They offer a unique shopping experience, brimming with handcrafted goods, distinctive gifts, and delectable local cuisine.