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Kids and Bird Watching in Kelowna: Fun Family Activities

Two fluffy goslings on grass, one grazing and the other resting, in BC.

Bird watching in Kelowna transcends mere observation; it's a doorway to adventure for families, especially for the curious minds of children. This activity not only connects them with the natural beauty of Kelowna but also nurtures invaluable life skills and knowledge.

Benefits of Bird Watching for Kids

Inspiring a love for nature immersed in Kelowna's natural landscapes, children find a tranquil escape from urban life. Bird watching sparks a sense of wonder, fostering a connection with nature and cultivating a mindset of environmental stewardship.

Cultivating patience and observation as they wait quietly to spot a variety of birds, children learn the virtue of patience and the joy of noticing the little wonders of the natural world. Their observation skills sharpen as they identify different bird species, each sighting adding to their growing awareness of the world's diversity.

Getting Started with Bird Watching

Starting your bird watching journey can be as simple as observing the birds in your backyard. Setting up feeders or bird baths and using a bird identification guide or app, families can enjoy bird watching right from their window. Encourage your kids to keep a bird journal, creating a fun and educational record of their feathery friends.

A pair of binoculars, a field guide, and a bird journal are essential tools for young birders. Resources like the Audubon for Kids website and the Bird Sleuth program offer engaging activities and educational materials, making bird watching an interactive learning experience.

Prime Bird Watching Locations in Kelowna for Families

Mission Creek Greenway and Robert LakeMission Creek Greenway, with its diverse bird species, and Robert Lake, known for its shorebirds, offer families a chance to explore and observe birds in their natural habitats. Each location, with its unique ecosystem, invites a different bird watching experience.

Bear Creek Provincial Park and Bellevue Creek GreenwayBear Creek Provincial Park is a bird watcher's dream, offering sightings of an array of birds, from Yellow Warblers to Bald Eagles. Bellevue Creek Greenway, meanwhile, offers a more serene experience, perfect for those who enjoy bird watching in solitude.

Engaging Children in Bird Watching

Apart from observing birds, engage your kids with bird colouring pages and scavenger hunts. These activities add an element of fun and help them learn more about the birds they spot.

Organizing trips to local parks and sanctuaries is a great way to expand your children's bird watching experiences. Remember to gear up with binoculars, sturdy clothing, and snacks to make your field trip enjoyable and comfortable.

Guided Bird Watching Tours and Events

Guided bird watching tours, offered by organizations like Okanagan Birding Tours, provide an educational and interactive experience for families. Participating in events like the Meadowlark Festival offers additional opportunities to learn from birding experts and participate in bird-related activities.

Best Times for Bird Watching in Kelowna

The best times for bird watching in Kelowna are during the spring and fall migration seasons, as well as in winter. These times offer the chance to see a variety of bird species, including migratory and wintering birds, making each bird watching session a unique experience.


In Kelowna, bird watching is more than a hobby; it's an educational adventure that brings families closer to nature and to each other. With its diverse habitats and rich bird life, Kelowna offers endless opportunities for discovery and learning, making it an ideal destination for families looking to explore the world of birds together.