Laugh Out Loud: A Guide to Kelowna's Comedy


Kelowna's comedy scene is buzzing with laughter and creativity. Far from the typical tourist trails, this city has become a hub for comedians who bring a blend of sharp wit, unique perspectives, and hilarious storytelling. Kelowna's comedy landscape offers a delightful escape into the world of humour and jest.

Stand-Up Venues

Kelowna's stand-up venues are as diverse and dynamic as the comedians who grace their stages. The Kelowna Curling Club, for instance, is not just a sports venue but a comedy spot. It recently hosted Damonde Tschritter, a celebrated name in the comedy circuit known for his appearances on the Snowed in Comedy Tour. Here, laughter intertwines with the spirit of community, as events often support causes like the Kelowna Red Cross Fire Relief Fund. Dakoda's Comedy Lounge and Highway 97 Brewing are other notable spots where stand-up thrives, offering an intimate setting that makes every joke hit closer to home.

Improv and Open Mic Nights

Kelowna's comedy scene truly shines with its improv and open mic nights, where spontaneity rules and no two shows are ever the same. The Comedy Caboose Open Mic at Match Eatery inside Playtime Casino is a weekly celebration of raw, unscripted comedy. For those looking to contribute to a good cause while enjoying a laugh, Dakoda's hosts Atomic Vapor Open Mic Comedy, benefiting the Central Okanagan Food Bank. From the Stand Up for Animals event, where comedy meets compassion, to the rollicking Comedy Bloodsport Champions League, the city's comedy landscape is as varied as it is vibrant.

Profiles of Local Comedians

Tim Nutt, a seasoned comedian with a unique storytelling style, has been a staple in the Canadian comedy scene for over two decades. His clever twists on everyday life have made him a beloved figure in Kelowna and beyond. Ivan Decker, another luminary, offers a sharp, polished brand of humour that has earned him accolades including the Juno Award for Comedy Album of the Year. Patrick Maliha, renowned for his impressive range of impressions, holds the world record for the most impressions in a minute, showcasing the depth and diversity of talent in Kelowna's comedy scene.

Kelowna's comedy clubs are more than just venues; they're communities where laughter brings us together. From seasoned professionals to emerging talents, the city's comedy scene is a demonstration of the power of humour in connecting people. A night out at one of Kelowna's comedy clubs promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and joy.