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Luxury on the Lake: Experiencing Kelowna's Top Boat Rental Services

A marina in Kelowna with numerous boats docked and mountainous terrain in the background under an overcast sky.


Kelowna's pristine Okanagan Lake is a perfect location for luxury boating enthusiasts. From sleek yachts to high-performance powerboats, the city offers a variety of opulent experiences on the water. Here are some of the premier boat rental services in Kelowna and their unique offerings to help you navigate the best choice for your next aquatic adventure.

Kelowna Luxury Marine

At Kelowna Luxury Marine, your boating experience is elevated to a level of luxury that is both refined and bespoke. Their crown jewel, the Alegria, is an example of this ethos. Aboard this vessel, guests can cruise past Kelowna’s stunning homes and sandy beaches, taking in the breathtaking landscape. The Alegria caters to up to 10 guests, offering various seating and dining areas, both indoors and on deck. Its cockpit salon design ensures everyone on board can comfortably enjoy the scenery and communicate with the captain.

Amenities on the Alegria include a top-notch entertainment system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, perfect for setting the mood with your favourite tunes. Regardless of the weather, the yacht maintains a comfortable atmosphere with its dual heating and air conditioning systems. For those who love to swim, the yacht’s hydraulic swim platform provides easy and convenient access to the water. The vessel also comes equipped with a full kitchen and refreshment centre, allowing guests to hire a caterer or bring their own food for an uninterrupted day of luxury.

Eldorado Marina

Eldorado Marina offers an assortment of powerboat rental options, including the elegant Cobalt, the Suncatcher pontoon, and their exclusive Nautique tournament boats. Each option is tailored to deliver a unique boating experience. The Nautique G23, a favourite among wake surfers and wakeboarders, is renowned for its superior wake and surf wave performance. The Cobalt CS22 combines luxury and performance, featuring a spacious interior, walk-thru transom, and a premium sound system perfect for wake sports.

For a more relaxed experience, the Suncatcher V22 GT pontoon is an ideal choice. It exemplifies family-friendly design, providing a comfortable space for leisurely cruising. Additionally, Eldorado Marina offers personal watercraft rentals, like the Yamaha Waverunners, for those seeking a jet ski water experience. They ensure a seamless rental process, providing a temporary boater’s license and thorough safety briefings.

Okanagan Luxury Boat Club

Okanagan Luxury Boat Club redefines boating with its hassle-free and affordable approach. Membership at the club grants unlimited access to a fleet of top-tier boats, including surf boats, pontoons, and jet skis from renowned brands like Nautique, Mastercraft, and Centurion ATX. This club is designed for those who crave the luxury boating experience without the commitment and expenses of boat ownership.

Their service extends beyond just boat rentals. The club offers long and short-term boat storage and valet services, ensuring your boating experience is as effortless as possible. A concierge service is also available to handle personal errands and guest transport, allowing members to focus solely on their enjoyment on the lake.

Kelowna Yachts

Kelowna Yachts specializes in luxury yacht tours, providing an all-inclusive experience with a captain included in the booking. Their 35-foot cruiser boat, equipped with twin engines, accommodates up to 12 passengers. This vessel is perfect for private charters, offering amenities like an upgraded speaker system, bathroom, fridges, and a cabin.

Flexibility is key with Kelowna Yachts. They offer adjustable departure times and allow up to 10 passengers per booking. The destinations are at your discretion, with popular choices being the Tiki Bar at the Okanagan Beach Club or a scenic coastline tour. Their packages, typically spanning four hours with negotiable pricing, promise an exclusive and memorable journey on Lake Okanagan.


Kelowna's top boat rental services offer an array of luxurious experiences on Okanagan Lake. Whether you're seeking a day of sophisticated relaxation aboard a yacht or an adrenaline-fuelled adventure on a high-performance powerboat, these services cater to every preference. Indulge in the luxury on the lake and make your next visit to Kelowna an unforgettable one.