Lake Activities

Kelowna’s Best Sailing Adventures

A person sailing on Okanagan Lake in the Thompson-Okanagan region at sunset.
Grant Harder


Imagine gliding across the sparkling waters of Okanagan Lake, the sun setting in a blaze of colours, as you master the art of sailing in Kelowna. This city, a hub for aquatic enthusiasts, offers an array of sailing experiences, from instructional courses at esteemed clubs to luxurious yacht rentals.

Sailing Clubs and Courses

Kelowna Yacht Club (KYC)

The Kelowna Yacht Club is a significant part of the sailing scene. It has adult sailing programs that are tailored to introduce the uninitiated to the joys of sailing and to refine the skills of seasoned sailors. KYC offers a variety of sailing programs available for adults and youth. It’s a volunteer-run initiative that offers a laid-back approach to learning, without the pressure of exams. Additionally, the KYC offers courses on 27-foot keelboats, perfect for those looking to sail larger vessels. Courses run throughout spring, summer and fall, offering flexibility for all schedules.

Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA)

COSA, another place in Kelowna's sailing crown, provides a comprehensive range of programs for all ages. Young sailors can start with the 'Puddle Jumpers' program, where children as young as four are introduced to the water. For the slightly older kids, the 'Wind Riders' and various CANSail courses offer a progression into more advanced skills. COSA doesn't forget about adults either, with evening courses designed to fit into busy schedules. The association prides itself on its inclusivity, with programs like ABLE Sail, which caters to people with disabilities. They also offer private lessons and group events for a personalized sailing experience.


Kelowna's sailing scene is as diverse as it is vibrant. From learning the ropes at local sailing clubs to indulging in the luxury of private yacht charters, the city offers unforgettable experiences for every sailor. Embrace the wind in your sails and explore the stunning beauty of Okanagan Lake in style. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn or an experienced sailor seeking new adventures, Kelowna’s sailing opportunities are as boundless as the horizon.