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Windsurfing in Kelowna: Catching the Breeze on Okanagan Lake

A view of Kelowna with buildings and hills in the background, and a sailboat on the water in the foreground.


Glide across the glistening waters of Okanagan Lake, where the breeze whispers tales of adventure and the horizon beckons with the promise of exhilaration. Windsurfing in Kelowna is an immersive experience that entwines the thrill of the ride with the stunning beauty of the lake. This guide takes you through the prime spots, equipment rental options, and lesson opportunities, ensuring your windsurfing adventure in Kelowna is as seamless as the wind that propels you.

Windsurfing Spots

Rotary Beach

Perfect for advanced windsurfers, Rotary Beach presents a challenging yet rewarding escapade. The launch area is compact and amidst the hazards of a car park and power line, demanding skill and precision. The beach's limited space is shared with swimmers and boaters, adding to the need for experienced and precise navigation. The ideal wind here gusts from the South-West, creating conditions that vary from a gentle 15 knots to an exhilarating 25 knots, occasionally surpassing 30-40 knots. The choppy waters transform into significant wind swells, offering a dynamic windsurfing experience. Amidst these conditions, windsurfers are advised to adhere to the local guidelines and read the forecast for a safe and enjoyable time of windsurfing at Rotary Beach.

Gyro Beach

Gyro Beach, part of the Okanagan Beach Rentals locations, is known for its family-oriented, open setting. This beach is a playground for various water activities, including windsurfing. It's characterized by its extensive sandy beaches, safe swim zones, and an array of recreational facilities like volleyball courts and a beach-to-water zip line. The amenities at Gyro Beach, including washrooms, change rooms, and picnic areas, cater to a comfortable day out for both windsurfers and their families. This beach's welcoming atmosphere and serene setting make it an ideal spot for both seasoned windsurfers and those looking to enjoy the lake's beauty.

Equipment Rentals

Finding the right gear for windsurfing in Kelowna is straightforward, thanks to Okanagan Beach Rentals. With locations at both Gyro and Rotary Beach, they offer a range of watercraft rentals. Though specific details on windsurfing equipment weren't available, their comprehensive selection caters to various water sports. The rental hours vary seasonally, ensuring availability throughout the peak times of the year. The convenience of their locations, coupled with their trained staff, ensures a hassle-free rental experience for enthusiasts looking to explore the waters of Okanagan Lake.

Windsurfing Lessons

The Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA) on Hobson Beach Park is perfect for those aspiring to master windsurfing. Offering lessons for adults and youth, COSA's programs are crafted by Sail Canada certified coaches. Adult lessons span two sessions, incorporating the basics of windsurfing using the latest technology. Emphasis is placed on rig and sail functions, board balance, and sailing in various conditions, equipping students to sail independently. The youth program, spanning five days, mirrors the adult curriculum with additional focus on age-appropriate techniques. COSA also offers private lessons, providing a tailored learning experience for individuals or groups, including special events like birthdays or team-building sessions.


Windsurfing in Kelowna is more than a sport; it's an encounter with nature's elements, a dance with the wind, and a journey across the serene waters of Okanagan Lake. The city's beaches, rental facilities, and training opportunities ensure an unforgettable experience. Embrace the wind, harness its power, and let it guide you through the breathtaking scenery of Kelowna, where every gust is a new adventure waiting to be discovered.