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Rainy Day in Kelowna: Top Indoor Activities for All Ages

A vibrant rainbow over the lush green hills of Penticton under a dramatic, cloudy sky.

Rain or shine, Kelowna's vibrant spirit shines through its myriad indoor activities, offering a perfect retreat for those looking to explore the city's indoors. From the aromatic vineyards to the adventurous laser tag arenas, this guide uncovers ten of the best indoor activities in Kelowna, ensuring a memorable experience for every age and interest.

For Wine and Spirit Enthusiasts

Indulge in the rich flavours and unique experiences offered by Kelowna's indoor wineries and distilleries. The Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery, in Central City, offers a tantalizing exploration of local spirits. Wine connoisseurs can savour the exquisite tastes at The Hatch Winery or enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with quality brews at Kettle River Brewing Co.

Family-Friendly Fun

Families can enjoy a range of activities that promise fun for all ages. McCurdy Lanes lights up family bowling nights with cosmic lights and delicious treats, complemented by Freddy’s Brew Pub’s refreshing pints. For a whimsical adventure, Scandia’s indoor jungle golf offers a putting experience through pirate ships and ghost towns. Meanwhile, Kelowna Museums' 'Curiosity Bugs' nature programs provide an educational yet entertaining outing.

Adventurous Activities

Seeking thrills? Beyond the Crux climbing gym challenges both beginners and seasoned climbers with its varied indoor rock walls. For those who prefer a high-energy, futuristic experience, Planet Lazer's expansive arena sets the stage for an exhilarating laser tag game.

Cultural and Educational Experiences

Explore the Kelowna Art Gallery, where local, national, and international exhibitions await. The Okanagan Wine & Orchard Museum, located in Central City, offers a look into the region's wine and orchard history. The Rotary Centre for the Arts further enriches the cultural scene with its array of performances, art exhibitions, and community programs, catering to every artistic taste.

Relaxing and Quiet Activities

For a more serene experience, the Okanagan Regional Library in downtown Kelowna offers a vast collection of books and engaging social programs. This tranquil spot is perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat amid the city's bustling indoor scene.

Activities for Adults

Adults can enjoy a diverse range of indoor activities tailored to their interests. From the thrill of axe throwing at Axe Monkeys to the puzzle-solving excitement at Exit Escape Room and Impulse Escape Room, there's no shortage of unique experiences. Bocce & Beer at BNA Brewing combines leisure with lively socializing, while Arcadia Virtual Reality Lounge brings cutting-edge gaming experiences.

Senior-Friendly Activities

Kelowna caters to its senior residents with a variety of engaging activities. The Parkinson Seniors Society and Rutland Seniors Society offer programs ranging from yoga and painting to fitness and dancing, ensuring active and culturally enriching experiences.

Seasonal and Special Events

Keep an eye on local event calendars for seasonal and special events that transform Kelowna's indoor spaces into hubs of excitement and creativity. From art exhibits to cultural festivals, these events offer a refreshing perspective on the city's dynamic indoor life.


Kelowna's diverse array of indoor activities ensures that a rainy day is never a dull moment. This city has something special for you. So, embrace the indoors and discover the myriad ways Kelowna continues to charm its visitors and locals alike.