Senior Golfing in Kelowna: Courses and Clubs for the Experienced Player

a golf cart parked on a golf course with a golf player in the background and a golf tee in the foreground
Michealbrook Golf Course


Kelowna, perfect for golf enthusiasts, offers a unique blend of landscapes and diverse golfing experiences, specially tailored for the seasoned golfer. Experience the finest golf courses and clubs in Kelowna that cater specifically to senior players, combining the charm of the city's natural beauty with the leisure and challenge of golf.

The Harvest Golf Club

The Harvest Golf Club, renowned for its exceptional service and stunning scenery, stands as a prime destination for senior golfers. The club’s reputation for top-notch staff and a warm, welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for a round of golf, socializing, and enjoying the finer aspects of the golfing community. The well-maintained fairways and greens, combined with the picturesque setting, offer a golfing experience that is both relaxing and stimulating, making it a perfect choice for senior players who appreciate a blend of challenge and tranquility.

Kelowna Springs Golf Club

Kelowna Springs Golf Club emerges as a favourite for senior golfers, offering a course that balances challenge with accessibility. The welcoming staff and flat terrain make it an excellent choice for both seasoned and beginner senior golfers. What sets this club apart is its unique offering of a 9-hole round with breakfast, providing a delightful start to the day on the greens. This thoughtful combination of good food and enjoyable play caters well to senior players, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable golfing experience.

Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club

Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club provides a beautiful and challenging golfing experience. Its narrow wooded fairways and creek hazards offer a test of skill, while the scenic views from elevated holes add to the overall enjoyment. The prevalent use of power carts at Sunset Ranch makes the course accessible for senior players who might prefer to conserve their energy for the game. The club’s beautiful landscape, especially during twilight rounds, coupled with decent food and beverage options at the clubhouse, ensures a pleasurable golfing day out.

Black Mountain Golf Club

Black Mountain Golf Club is distinguished by its beautiful course layout and the quality of its greens. This club is particularly accommodating for senior golfers, offering flexibility with online booking and special 9-hole deals. An important note for senior players is the early evening darkness during the autumn, requiring some planning for tee times. The front nine, recommended for its scenic views, adds a special touch to the golfing experience, making it a favourable choice for seniors seeking beauty alongside their sport.

Tower Ranch Golf & Country Club

Tower Ranch Golf & Country Club stands out for its stunning vistas and immaculately kept grounds. While the course can experience a slower pace of play, this might be exactly what senior golfers are looking for — a relaxed round of golf amidst breathtaking surroundings. The club’s commitment to maintaining the course in top condition ensures that every game is a quality experience, regardless of the pace. This club is an excellent option for senior golfers who enjoy taking their time and soaking in the views.

Shannon Lake Golf Course

Shannon Lake Golf Course, beside a serene lake, is known for its forgiving nature, making it an ideal choice for senior golfers looking for a more easygoing experience. The course offers well-kept fairways and greens, set in a tranquil environment that encourages a leisurely game. The Shannon Lake Bar and Grill provides a variety of dining options, adding a gastronomic pleasure to the golfing experience. For senior players seeking a less demanding yet thoroughly enjoyable round of golf, Shannon Lake stands as a top pick.

Mission Creek Golf Club

Mission Creek Golf Club caters specifically to the senior golfing community with tailored offerings. Their senior rates for players aged 55 and over are a thoughtful touch, making golfing more accessible during weekdays. The club also hosts a Senior Ladies Golf Group on Tuesday mornings, welcoming newcomers and fostering a sense of community among senior women golfers. The availability of rental clubs and power carts adds to the convenience, making it an attractive choice for senior players looking for a friendly and accommodating golfing venue.


Kelowna’s golf courses and clubs offer a rich variety of experiences for senior golfers. From the challenging fairways of Sunset Ranch to the leisurely pace at S, each course brings something unique to the table. Whether seeking a tranquil round of golf amidst stunning landscapes or a more social, community-oriented experience, senior players will find Kelowna's golfing scene welcoming and rewarding. These courses exemplify the best of golfing in Kelowna, combining the natural beauty of the area with well-thought-out amenities and services tailored for the experienced player.