Winter Activities

Snowshoeing for Beginners in Kelowna

A blue trail sign with a white icon of a person snowboarding is mounted on a tree trunk covered in snow and moss.

As the snow blankets the rolling landscapes of Kelowna, a serene transformation takes place, turning the city into a winter wonderland perfect for snowshoeing. This gentle, rhythmic activity offers a unique way to explore the natural beauty of the area, making it an ideal choice for winter enthusiasts of all skill levels, especially beginners.

Choosing the Right Trail

Telemark Nordic Club boasts an impressive network of 60 kilometres of trails. These trails, weaving through serene forests and open meadows, offer a variety of lengths and difficulties, making them perfect for those just starting their snowshoeing journey. The club's well-maintained paths cater to the rhythmic stride of snowshoers, allowing beginners to comfortably find their pace amidst nature.

Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Club is another place for all levels with 24 dedicated snowshoe trails, marked clearly with orange tape. This club offers a more tailored experience. The trails meander through quiet, snow-laden forests, offering a peaceful escape and a gentle challenge to new snowshoers.

Knox Mountain stands as an inviting option for those who seek a beautiful vista. Although the ascent to its summit, 300 meters above Okanagan Lake, might sound daunting, the journey is surprisingly beginner-friendly. The panoramic views of the lake and city from the peak serve as a splendid reward for your efforts.

Myra Canyon Trestles Trail is a delightful choice for those who favour a flatter terrain. Stretching 12 kilometers between Myra and Ruth stations, this trail, with its gentle 2% grade, is a joy to traverse on snowshoes. However, beginners are advised to plan accordingly as the full round trip of 24 kilometres might be ambitious for a day's adventure.

Equipment Rental Options

For those without personal gear, Telemark Nordic Club offers convenient rental services. This allows beginners to try out snowshoeing without the commitment of purchasing equipment.

MEC and Fresh AirLocal outdoor retailers provide 24-hour snowshoe rentals. This service is particularly beneficial for those planning a short excursion or wanting to test different types of snowshoes.

Big White Ski Resort offers snowshoe rentals at the Village Centre Mall. This resort, known for its expansive winter activities, is an excellent place to start your snowshoeing adventure.

Preparing for Your Snowshoe Adventure

Snowshoeing, while relatively easy to pick up, does require some preparation. Beginners should focus on maintaining a comfortable pace and staying hydrated throughout their journey. It is also crucial to check weather conditions before heading out and to inform someone of your plans for safety.

Additional Resources and Guided Tours

For those seeking a more structured introduction to snowshoeing, guided tours are available. These tours not only provide valuable insights into the activity but also highlight the natural and historical significance of the trails.


Snowshoeing in Kelowna offers a delightful blend of physical activity and serene natural beauty. It's an accessible winter sport that allows beginners to intimately experience the quieter side of Kelowna's winters, exploring its snow-covered landscapes with ease. So, strap on your snowshoes, step into the soft snow, and discover the enchanting winter trails of Kelowna.