Top Dining and Entertainment Options for a Night Out

Nighttime cityscape of Kelowna with lit-up buildings, a bridge, and a dark mountainous background.

In recent years, Kelowna has emerged as a popular destination for food lovers and entertainment seekers. This piece unfurls a glimpse into a night out in Kelowna, highlighting the top dining and entertainment options.

Top Dining Experiences

Inclusive of modern bistros, sizzling steakhouses, and family-run eateries, Kelowna's culinary scene sets the stage for unforgettable dining experiences.

Dine at Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Indulging in delectable cuisine and sipping wine amidst sprawling vineyards is an unforgettable experience presented by Summerhill Pyramid Winery. This internationally acclaimed organic and biodynamic winery offers locally-inspired platters, excellent wines, and a breathtaking view of the Okanagan Lake.

Kelowna's Food Truck Culture

Street food fans shouldn't miss the buzzing food truck culture here. Little Tokyo Ramen, offers the most authentic ramen with a depth of flavour that transports you to the streets of Tokyo, while YLW Tacos has killer taco plates and burritos that will you fill you for days.

Wineries & Breweries

Kelowna is synonymous with wineries. A tasteful exploration of wines is a highlight of the evening you cannot miss. With a wide array of wine tours, wineries, and breweries to choose from, there is something for every person's tase in the Kelowna wine and beer scene.

Quail's Gate Winery

This exceptional winery offers wine-tasting tours, walk in the vineyards, and a fine dining experience at the Old Vines restaurant.

Sandhill Wines

Walk into Kelowna's urban winery Sandhill Wines. The Single Vineyard wines here are worth savouring. You can book an experience with Sandhill Winery in their tasting room. Here, you can learn about the winemaking process, different tasting notes and flavour profiles, all while enjoying some Okanagan wine with friends and family alike.

Beer Tourism

The rising craft beer scene is another attraction. Breweries like 'BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery' and 'Kelowna Beer Institute' invite beer enthusiasts to explore unique beer profiles.

Entertainment Options

Entertainment in Kelowna has as much to offer than its dining. There are a variety of entertainment activities that are suitable for people of all ages and interests. From perusing the art scene during the day, heading to the beach to enjoy the afternoon sun, and dancing your heart out at Distrikt Nightclub, there is something for everyone in Kelowna.

Dance Clubs

Feel the rhythm of the night at Distrikt Nightclub, a live music venue setting a higher standard for nightclubs in Kelowna. Distrikt Nightclub is one of the most popular nighttime destinations in Kelowna. They offer a variety of deals and events that draw in more people each night, such as Ladies night on May 31, 2024.

Vivid Art Scene

Immerse in Kelowna's bright arts scene, visit the rotating exhibitions at the Kelowna Art Gallery or attend a concert at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. Simply taking a stroll around the Kelowna streets allows you to appreciate the artistry that is rich within their culture. With public art exhibitions such as Rhapsody, there is always something to view that opens up your creative side.


Kelowna's landscape, painted with the hues of vineyards, lakes, and dynamic urban life, offers an array of evening amusement options. From fine dining restaurants, wineries, breweries, to lively casinos, and music bars; every corner of this city promises a memorable night out. Plan your visit and indulge in the best of Canada's culinary and entertainment landscapes.