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Unwind on the Lake: Kelowna's Best Leisure Boating Options

A person sailing on Okanagan Lake in the Thompson-Okanagan region at sunset.
Grant Harder


On a boat, gently rocking on the crystal-clear waters of Lake Okanagan, surrounded by the panoramic beauty of Kelowna, is an experience that epitomizes relaxation. The city, next to the Okanagan Lake, offers many leisure boating options that cater to those seeking peacefulness and memorable moments on the lake. Here, we explore the best leisurely boat cruises, guided tours, and dining experiences that Kelowna has to offer, each promising a serene escape and a unique way to savour the lake’s charm.

Leisurely Boat Cruises

Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises

Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises stands out for its luxurious Sea Ray bowrider, offering an upscale cruising experience with soft leather seats. It's perfect for groups up to nine, offering a cost-effective rate. Their service is known for its luxury, cost-efficiency, and ambiance. With no extra charges for larger groups or additional fuel for normal cruising speeds, they present an ideal choice for anything from a private ride for a couple to a private party on the lake​.

Luxury Lake Tours

Luxury Lake Tours, operating near the Delta Hotel and Waterstreet Boat Launch, is lauded for its luxury services and professionally trained captains. Their tours offer free pickup at any public dock in the Kelowna area, adding convenience for those staying in different parts of the city​. From cliff jumping adventures to informative tours, Luxury Lake Tours provides a range of experiences that cater to various interests.

Guided Boat Tours

Cheers! Okanagan Tours

Cheers! Okanagan Tours offers a luxurious cruising experience aboard The Sunliner, a 22-foot Harris pontoon boat. They provide 2, 3, or 4-hour cruises, allowing guests to take in views of downtown Kelowna, Knox Mountain, and more. Their sunset cruise option is particularly popular, offering a journey through the valley at dusk. The tours are versatile, providing options for swimming in secluded bays or enjoying a picnic on board. The experience is further enhanced by the knowledgeable and engaging Captain Berne, who brings over four decades of boating and sailing experience.


Kelowna's leisure boating and dining experiences offer a unique blend of natural splendour, culinary excellence, and serene lake adventures. Kelowna presents a myriad of ways to unwind and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Lake Okanagan.