Beginner's Guide to Motorbiking in Kelowna: Getting Started

A person riding a black sport motorcycle at high speed on an empty road with a forest in the background.

Motorbiking in Kelowna offers an exhilarating blend of adventure and scenic beauty. This is your key to unlock the thrill of two wheels in this stunning region, with essential tips for beginners focusing on safety and beginner-friendly routes.

Understanding Local Regulations and Safety

Before you rev up your engine in Kelowna, it's crucial to understand the local regulations. Motorcycle insurance here is mandatory. More than that, however, it's also a safety net. Riding without insurance can lead to fines, license suspension, and legal consequences. The insurance covers injuries and property damage you might cause in an accident, repairs or replacements in collisions, and even protection against theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Safety is paramount. The right gear can make a significant difference. Forget about shorts, T-shirts, and sandals – you need proper riding attire. Leathers, reinforced jackets, pants, and boots offer protection against injury and road rash. Look for jackets and pants that are specifically designed for motorbiking, offering a blend of safety and comfort.Always wear gloves and a DOT-approved helmet for maximum safety. A full-face helmet offers maximum protection. It's also crucial to stay within your comfort zone, choose the right bike, and be familiar with your route to focus more on safety.

Regular inspections of your motorcycle are essential. Check tire pressure, mirrors, lights, and look out for any mechanical hazards. Maintenance, like oil changes and brake pad checks, shouldn’t be overlooked. While riding, be aware of your surroundings. Use your mirrors but also turn and look over your shoulder before lane changes. Watch out for unstable road conditions and be cautious on slippery surfaces like painted road lines or railroad tracks.

Enrolling in a Motorcycle Safety Course

The V-Twin Motorcycle Riding School offers an in-depth, certified program that meets ICBC standards and allows them to offer the Motorcycle Skills Assessment. Recognized as one of the most respected in the Okanagan, they offer both new rider and accelerated rider training, with courses structured to get you from no experience to be road test ready in less than two weeks. A valid BC Class 6 or 8 Learner’s Permit is required to enroll.

The course covers classroom theory, riding skills, traffic skills, and safe riding practices. Practical skills like slow speed riding, gear changes, and emergency stopping and swerving are also taught. This comprehensive training is invaluable for new riders, ensuring a strong foundation in both theory and practice.

Choosing Your First Motorcycle Route in Kelowna

For beginners, Kelowna offers a variety of scenic and manageable routes. The Osoyoos Loop, stretching 331 km, provides a mix of landscapes and smooth roads, ideal for new riders. The Kelowna Princeton Penticton Loop, at 355 km, offers a more extended ride with diverse terrains. For those seeking a shorter journey, the 115 km Penticton to Vernon route is perfect, featuring stunning lake views and gentle curves. When choosing a route, consider the distance, terrain, and scenic value. Start with shorter routes to build your confidence and gradually take on longer rides.

Connecting with the Local Motorbiking Community

Connecting with Kelowna’s motorbiking community can greatly enhance your riding experience. Joining local groups or clubs opens up opportunities to learn from experienced riders. It's also beneficial because there’s safety in numbers. Riding in a group, especially as a beginner, can provide a sense of security as well as people to help in case of an accident.


Embarking on your motorbiking journey in Kelowna is an exciting venture. With the right preparation, understanding of local regulations, and focus on safety, you can fully enjoy the thrill of the ride. Remember, motorbiking goes beyond transportation; it is an experience, a way to explore and connect with the stunning landscapes of Kelowna. Stay safe, respect the rules, and embrace the journey on two wheels.