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Discovering the Lesser-Known Wineries of Kelowna

an old wooden wagon sitting on top of a dirt field next to a field of green grass and flowers at Sperling Vineyards in Kelowna
Sperling Vineyards

Beneath the sun-drenched skies of Kelowna, a secret world of wine awaits the adventurous connoisseur. Far from the bustling crowds and popular tourist routes, a collection of lesser-known wineries invites visitors to uncover the unique stories, flavours, and experiences that are woven into the fabric of this renowned wine region. This journey takes us off the beaten path, exploring vineyards where each bottle tells a tale of passion, tradition, and the magic of the Okanagan Valley.

Scorched Earth Winery

Situated along the tranquil Lakeshore wine route, Scorched Earth Winery epitomizes the intimate wine-tasting experience. This family-run boutique winery, shrouded in the natural splendour of the Okanagan, offers a unique, appointment-only encounter. Guests are welcomed as friends, with the owner personally guiding them through a journey of flavours and stories. The winery's steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and organic viticulture is evident in every sip of their exquisite Pinot Noir and Syrah, each bottle a tribute to the earth from which it came.

Sperling Vineyards

History and nature intertwine gracefully at Sperling Vineyards. Located on lands rich with historical significance, the vineyard is a living legacy, four generations in the making. The high elevation slopes and mineral-rich soils of East Kelowna's benches are captured in their certified organic wines. Old vines whisper tales of the past while yielding contemporary fruits, creating a blend of tradition and innovation. Here, the commitment to the land is palpable, with wines such as the Natural Organic Amber Pinot Gris and Vision Pinot Noir Reserve showcasing the terroir's distinct character.

Nagging Doubt

A true artisanal endeavour, Nagging Doubt stands proudly on its 5-acre estate in South East Kelowna. The winery's soul is its winemaker, Rob Westbury, whose passion is evident in every bottle. This is where meticulous handcrafting and the collective talents of a dedicated team converge, resulting in wines that captivate and enthral. Sourced from various Okanagan Valley regions, the fruits of Nagging Doubt embody the diversity of the valley, a product of the land's generous bounty.

Spearhead Winery

A stone's throw from downtown Kelowna, Spearhead Winery is a place of vinicultural excellence. With a laser focus on premium quality, the winery produces an array of wines that are as diverse as they are refined. Grapes, hand-harvested and meticulously sorted, are transformed into liquid art in small, carefully monitored batches. This attention to detail and commitment to quality is what makes a visit to Spearhead a memorable journey for any wine lover.


The wine landscape of Kelowna is rich with hidden treasures, each winery a world unto itself. Beyond the well-trodden paths, these lesser-known vineyards offer more than just wine; they offer stories, experiences, and a personal connection to the land and its stewards. So raise a glass to the undiscovered, to the roads less traveled, and to the delightful surprises that await.