Exploring Kelowna's Amazing Hiking Trails: A Local’s Guide

A picturesque trail in Kelowna surrounded by lush green trees and hills under a vibrant blue sky with scattered clouds.

Kelowna offers an array of breathtaking hiking trails perfect for all nature lovers. This city is well-known for its gorgeous wine country, but the allure doesn't stop there. From tranquil lakeside strolls to vigorous hikes along mountain ridges, Kelowna's natural beauty offers something tantalizing for everyone.

The Magnificent World of Kelowna's Hiking Trails

Kelowna boasts diverse ecosystems that are home to numerous plant and animal species. This rich biodiversity significantly influences the diversity of the local hiking trails – a fact which makes them all the more exciting to explore. If you're an outdoor enthusiast seeking a thrilling adventure or a weekend hiker in search of breathtaking views, you'll find something to suit your tastes among Kelowna's charming trails.

Mill Creek Regional Park – Feel the Pulse of Nature

Mill Creek Regional Park is one of the city's most popular hiking spots - and for good reason. Speckled with numerous waterfalls, pools, and cascades, it's a delightful spot for a midsummer dip or leisurely hike. The path through the park winds its way through towering Douglas fir forests and past centuries-old Western Red Cedars. It's not uncommon to spot local wildlife in the park, including the occasional mule deer or red-tailed hawk.

Knox Mountain Park – The View That Never Gets Old

For those who love a challenging hike with a rewarding view, Knox Mountain Park is a must-visit. Towering over downtown Kelowna, this popular hiking spot offers sweeping views of Lake Okanagan and the surrounding Kelowna farmland. Visitors can explore several trails on Knox Mountain, each offering unique vistas and experiences. The Apex Trail, for instance, is a favourite among experienced hikers for its steep inclines.

Stephens Coyote Ridge – A Hiker's Paradise

The trail at Stephens Coyote Ridge is another local favourite, boasting a whopping 111 hectares of land to explore. The trails wind through grasslands and forests, offering plenty of chances to view local wildlife. The end of the trail is particularly notable, culminating at the peak of a hill that affords a beautifully panoramic view of Glenmore Valley and Wilden Lost Lake.

Lebanon Creek Greenway – Beauty in Close Proximity

If you're looking for a moderate hike that is great for beginners or families with young children, the Lebanon Creek Greenway is a fantastic option. The trail is relatively flat, but the views it offers are anything but boring. The path winds through rolling grasslands, past hidden glens and rock cliffs, and up to Lake Okanagan, offering a variety of stunning sceneries.


Kelowna's hiking trails offer one of the best ways to experience the city's unique mix of diverse ecosystems. With every step, hikers can explore lush forests, calming waterfalls, tranquil lakesides, and adventurous ridge paths. So the next time you find yourself in this beautiful part of Canada, be sure to strap on a pair of sturdy shoes, grab a water bottle, and hit the trail – you won't be disappointed!