Uncovering Kelowna’s Hidden Hiking Trails

A person standing on a rock overlooking the scenic mountains and water in Peachland.


Renowned for its water sports and skiing, this oasis in Canada also boasts some of the most enchanting hidden hiking trails. Delicate ecological wonders, panoramic views, and diverse wildlife make hiking in Kelowna an adventurous explorer’s dream. Here, we uncover some of Kelowna’s best-kept secret trails that might not be on every hiking enthusiast's radar.

Knox Mountain Trail

Just minutes from downtown Kelowna, Knox Mountain Park offers hikers a paradise of scenic vistas and wildlife. The Apex Trail, one of the more challenging routes, helixes its way up the mountain over a distance of 4.2 kilometres. At the summit, you can take in a 360-degree view of the city, Okanagan Lake, and the surrounding mountains. Depending on the season, wildflower enthusiasts may also encounter a display of brightly coloured blossoms dotting the landscape.

Stephens Coyote Ridge

Stephens Coyote Ridge is located in Glenmore. Its trails meander through a mix of grasslands and coniferous forests, offering a quiet escape from city life. Wildlife lovers will be thrilled as these trails teem with birds, deer, and if you're lucky, you might encounter an elusive coyote. With varying degrees of difficulty, the trails at Stephens Coyote Ridge cater to both casual strollers and serious hikers seeking a challenge.

Angel Springs Trail

Surround yourself with the lush, untouched beauty of the Okanagan’s forests on the Angel Springs Trail. Cedar giants tower above, providing natural canopies, while the cool, spring-fed pools offer a chance to cool down in the summer heat. This 12-kilometre round-trip journey transports you through magical, mossy landscapes and ends at Angel Springs – warm, geothermal mineral pools perfect for an alfresco dip!

Lebanon Creek

If you crave a scenic workout, Lebanon Creek is the hiking trail to tackle. Starting in the residential area of Southeast Kelowna, this steep 6.4-kilometre trail begins under a canopy of shady ponderosa pines and ends with a spectacular view of Okanagan Lake. Pack a picnic and enjoy the sight of sailboats drifting by while you relax at the trail’s endpoint, a peaceful clearing often frequented by grazing deer.

John’s Family Nature Conservancy

Combining natural beauty with educational opportunities, the trails at the John's Family Nature Conservancy never fail to impress. Part of the Regional Park System, this conservancy showcases environmental and conservation initiatives. Diverse paths cover terrain from glacial carved landscapes to meadows of wildflowers. With its accessibility for all hiking levels, it's a wonderful spot for family outings where learning merges with fun.

Apex Trail to Kathleen Lake

This is one for the fitness fanatics. The Apex Trail to Kathleen Lake provides a strenuous switchback climb for approximately 3 kilometres. Hikers are generously rewarded, however, with stunning views of the Okanagan Valley and the calming setting of Kathleen Lake. A perfect spot to enjoy your lunch while taking in the view.


Enjoying Kelowna’s hidden hiking trails is a brilliant way to uncover the city from a unique perspective. The commitment to eco-conservation is also deserving of applause, giving the region an unspoiled quality that captures the imagination.