Wildlife Watching on Kelowna Trails: What You Might See

A close-up photograph of a chipmunk sitting on a rock with a blurred natural background in Kelowna.

Immerse yourself in the splendour of nature where eagles soar and bears roam. Kelowna's trails offer a unique opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to connect with the natural world in a way that's both profound and personal. From the rustling leaves that hint at a deer's presence to the piercing call of a bald eagle, each trail promises an adventure filled with wild encounters.

Notable Wildlife Species in Kelowna

Venturing into Kelowna's wilderness, you might first encounter the elusive black bear. A symbol of the region's wild heart, these magnificent creatures remind us of the importance of coexisting with nature. As you walk, keep an eye out for the bald eagle, a majestic bird whose awe-inspiring flight is a sight to behold. The coyote, another common resident, thrives in natural landscapes. Birdwatchers will delight in the diversity of avian species, from the charming song of the California Quail to the impressive wingspan of the osprey. Among the underbrush, deer gracefully move, a gentle reminder of the area's serene beauty.

Popular Trails for Wildlife Watching

Each trail in Kelowna brings its own unique wildlife viewing opportunities. Knox Mountain Park, the city's largest natural area, is a mosaic of ecosystems, from riparian wetlands to dry interior Douglas-fir forests, each hosting a variety of wildlife. Mission Creek Greenway, with its lush vegetation and bustling creek, is perfect for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike. Here, the symphony of songbirds blends with the rustle of squirrels and the occasional glimpse of deer. Myra Canyon Trestles, though more renowned for its stunning vistas and historic significance, also offers a chance to spot diverse wildlife amidst its breathtaking landscape.

Safety Tips While Hiking

When embarking on these natural excursions, safety is paramount. Adequate preparation, from sturdy footwear to ample water supplies, ensures a comfortable and secure journey. Awareness of wildlife is crucial; understanding how to respectfully observe animals like bears and coyotes from a distance is essential for both your safety and theirs. Ticks, a common concern in wooded areas, can be deterred with appropriate clothing and vigilance. Furthermore, considering the time of day for your hike can enhance your experience, avoiding the midday heat in summer or ensuring you're back before dusk.


Kelowna's trails are gateways to extraordinary encounters with the natural world. These trails offer experiences that resonate long after the hike is over. As you set out on your next adventure, remember that each step takes you deeper into Kelowna's wild and wonderful landscape.